The demands of life can really take its toll and if you are constantly running around in emergency mode, your mind and body may just end up paying a high price for putting everything and everybody else before your own wellbeing. The good news is that we can easily implement some simple strategies to resolve this.  The more difficult part comes with your own commitment prioritize yourself! As humans, we are also in the habit of being positive towards people around us but not so positive towards ourselves. A great way to give yourself some praise and encouragement is by taking a few minutes to write down some of the positive things you have in your life. You can ask me anything about creating an extraordinary marriage, building your relationship, communication, intimacy lifestyle,etc. There are no excuses and no refunds for laziness-be¬†willing to work, take action and you will see results! Here is a sales script example using a structured script framework with seven different components. Right after your introduction, you will want to share some details about what you have to offer.

We have a psychological tactic in this sales script example and that is to disqualify the prospect early in call by questioning if they are the right fit. One way to help you to uncover what the prospect is having challenges with is to share some common challenges that others have been experiencing.
You will need to trigger interest at some point and you can have some strong points at the end of your sales script to help with this.
The interesting thing is that you will probably have forgotten all about those important worries by then! So many of us give encouragement to those around us but spend the rest of your time being critical and negative towards yourself. Are you committed?In other words, are you willing to change, and will you be faithful to your commitment to change? Are you available?To get the best results, you will make a time commitment both in and out of the coaching session. Since every sales person sells different products, we will use an example or product that most people can relate to and that is a car sales person trying to schedule an appointment to sell a car.

And for telesales, you may need two introductions – one for the gatekeeper and one for the target prospect. The best way to do this is to share a value statement which is one sentence that communicates how you help. These not only help you to make sure that you are spending your valuable time with the right prospects, but they also help to get the prospect talking and involved in the conversation.
NO!  Now having the odd worry is just human nature but if you are one of those people who is a worry wart with constant thoughts of what could go wrong then this is a bad habit which needs to be stopped. Our worries often snowball and our imagination run away with us with thoughts of imagined threats and terrible things happening.

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