You may have heard of NLP before- do you know how understanding NLP and using NLP techniques can transform your life? Can you think of a time when you set yourself a goal, or wanted to achieve something, but for whatever reason, you didn't succeed? One of the greatest challenges we all face is managing our own internal emotional state, especially in difficult situations.
Demonstrate language, literacy and numeracy skills to a minimum level of Year 10 secondary schooling or equivalent. At the commencement of your training you attend our fantastic Xcelerator Virtual Learning Sessions which have established a reputation for providing quality training in an environment that promotes exceptional outcomes for students.
The Xcelerator Virtual Learning Session consists of 5 interactive training webinars and is an integral component of the formal training and its presentation is of the highest quality within an exceptional learning environment.
Your enrolment on the course includes all electronic course materials so you will have no extra financial outlay - you can just concentrate on you!
You are guided through a series of seminars and workshops led by some of Australia's leading, practicing coaches. The essential characteristics you need to make each coaching session enjoyable and productive for your client.
Learn how to understand your client’s belief systems and what makes them act the way they do. Your chance to practice what you've been learning and get instant constructive feedback on your performance.
After the Xcelerator Virtual Learning Session you are appointed your own Mentor coach who will guide you through your program and give you practical, helpful, and experience-based feedback on your coaching skills as well assist you in establishing your coaching business. You will complete assessments that are practical outcome driven activities and include a research project , book critique and knowledge questionnaire. To ensure you are exceptionally well prepared for your new direction you will undergo intensive training in the establishing, marketing and planning of your coaching business.
Your program is completed with an exit interview which is a coaching session with one of the Academy’s senior coaches.

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I first came across the SPICE model whilst working as a play leader for an inner London charity working with disabled children and their families.
This simple and effective model, which was originally used to plan activities for children around their Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional development, will support you to have more balance and control over how you manage your stress levels. Socialise – setting time aside to see family and friends is one positive step you can take.
Physical – spending as little as 20 minutes a day doing some form of exercise will increase your physical wellbeing. Creative – doing something creative is fun and as your work doesn’t have to been seen or heard by anyone unless you choose to, this allows you to have a go and not worry about what other people think.
Emotional – taking regular time out to calm your mind will have a positive impact on your day to day life.
Do you want to know the practical secrets of how to use NLP techniques to benefit your life and accelerate your personal success?
Maybe you have a goal right now- an idea about what you might want to do, to achieve or to be, which you haven't managed to achieve? During this time as you work towards your cert IV, you will benefit from some of the finest life coaching training available in Australia, including Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Students complete this inspirational training with a set of advanced skills which enable them to implement immediate change within their own lives and positively influence those around them. This also allows you to obtain your cert IV in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or any other location in the country.
In addition you will attend online training webinars in the Coaching, NLP and Business development areas whilst completing practical coaching sessions with your life coaching team. When it comes to obtaining your cert IV in life coaching, whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Perth, we ensure you receive the best support and guidance.
Going for a brisk walk, practicing yoga or going for a swim are just a few ideas that spring to mind.

Activities include reading, doing Sudoku, and taking part in quizzes are just a number of ways to keep the brain cells fresh. You can draw, paint, use clay to sculpt, one creative activity that has proved to be a creative and positive activity is to write and in particular to write down all the things that have made you feel happy throughout the day before going bed – especially the little things. Spending as little as 20 minutes a day practicing meditation or performing deep breathing exercises will be beneficial. As the largest UK school for coaches, The Coaching Academy has developed a reputation for quality training and has trained over 30,000 people in coaching skills over the last ten years.
It is now possible to book a place on the Coaching Academy's New Introduction to NLP event with Sarah Urquhart. You work in small groups, so your learning speed is greatly increased and you benefit from lots of individual attention.
Look around in your local community as there is probably a group that is running sessions in something you enjoy. Then there is your physical environment; living or working in a cramped, cluttered environment can have a negative impact on you wellbeing. Learning new things gives us a feeling of accomplishment and will boost your self-confidence. This will also provide you with an opportunity to increase your circle of support by making new friends; this will also help to increase your confidence. Keeping your physical environment tidy and organised will reduce the negative impact on your wellbeing.

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