With a well stocked library of Law Books, Journals, Software & other resource material, we provide strategic support to candidates through Test Series, Practicing sessions in state specific prescribed Acts, General Knowledge, Study material, expert counseling & evaluation of Mains answer books by experts. With one of the best in-house faculty, Manu Law Classes are pioneers in providing all types of preparations for all the Exams of State Judicial Services, Civil services (Law) and Law Entrance examinations such as CLAT, AILET, DU and GGSIPU etc. Our students have secured top ranks in various statesa€™ Judicial services examinations and have joined as Judicial offfiers. The most simplified version of the Indian Consitution, ideal for Law, Judicial and Civil Services Exam aspirants.

The book is a simple & concise interpretation of the Constitution of India and is a must have for Law Entrance, Judicial & Civil Services exam aspirants.
Gupta and Ms Samiksha Gupta are authors of popular books used by students for CLAT Entrance examination. Moreover, their applicable service conduct rules do not permit them to be used as advertisements in any mode. It is an interactive learning experience that provides complete interaction and transparency.

However, the list of our selected candidates as well as their profiles is available in our office strictly on demand.

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