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A directing style is high in directive behavior but low in supportive behavior; the employee needs clear, concise directions on how to complete a task and little nurturing support in order to be successful.
A manager using a supporting style is actively participating with the employee; there is a low level of directive behavior, but a high level of support. For example, if an employee demonstrates a high level of readiness, that employee is ready to have the manager delegate tasks (using a delegating management style).
As a manager, you should have the ability to use any of the Situational Leadership styles in your management skills toolkit. When you encounter a situation as a manager, try to determine the level of directive and supportive behavior needed. As the level of employee readiness increases, the manager should adapt a style with reduced task behavior and increased relationship behavior. Refer to the model below to see where each style falls on both the task behavior and relationship behavior spectrums.
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Situational Leadership defines readiness as “the ability and willingness of a person to take responsibility for directing their own behavior.”  (Hersey and Blanchard, 1996).
This style allows the employee to work independently and experience autonomy; job satisfaction will be through the roof!
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Blanchardhave developed a model that outlines leadership styles as they relate to various situations. Task (directive) behavior and relationship (supportive) behavior make up the two dimensions that help determine which management style to use in any given situation.
It provides the employee with clear direction but also allows the manager to provide support in order for the employee to become a master at their job. This style is the ultimate preference for managers who want to give there trusted employees autonomy and build their skill set.
Levels of readiness cannot be measured in a total sense; the level will vary depending on the specific task, function or objective.
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Their model is based on the amount of direction and the amount of emotional support a manager must provide to an employee in any given situation.
Providing support to an employee without telling them how to do their job can build autonomy into any job.
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