You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 6 Week Football Training Programme Specificity My training program is for football and it is based over a six-week period. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.
Warming up and cool downs are vital to avoid injury, also I wont ever be training at 100%, it will be above the minimum threshold and below the maximum. By improving muscular endurance there will be more mitochondria in the muscles, thus improving the ability of the muscle to generate energy. Next I will be moving on my legs where I will stretch my thigh muscles and my hamstring for about 20 seconds each leg.
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Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know. During the first sessions I was having great difficulty doing the sessions but as the sessions went on I found the sessions easier to complete.
SAFETY ASPECTS There are many safety aspects that need to be considered when designing a training programme. I will have to train about 3 to 4 times a week at an intense level, and I should have sufficient rest days to let my body repair itself and body tissue.
There were no same muscular group stations next to each other, if there were, it would have been extremely difficult. To increase stamina and increase his muscles work rate he could increase his cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Evaluation I am very pleased with my fitness programme, I followed it all the way and I feel it had achieved its aim which was progression. I will ensure that I follow the principle of SPORT, in that way I will be training harder and become fitter. Flexibility is important in terms of being injury free and being able to move freely around the court. Also when you throw the ball you need to keep it up right so it goes in the direction you want it to go in. Stretching tends to inhibit contraction of the antagonist muscles which can create obstacles to maximum efficiency of technical movements even if muscular explosiveness depends on muscular quality and nervous system reaction capacity. On the other hand if my circuit training did not work at a high enough intensity, then it would make no vast improvements and therefore also making the result inaccurate. The TYPE relates to specificity and it is important to make sure that when I am training, it meets the needs of what I am specifically training for. I have improved my Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Flexibility, and agility so I have achieved my goals to improve these components of my general fitness. Next session is my last session and I hope to complete all 4 circuits and work at a high intensity through out my workout.
To do this in my programme, I will have to complete the circuit more than once a week, train for longer and harder therefore resulting in overload. Diagram of handgrip dynamometer I will record the maximum reading for three attempts in both right and left hand and compare it with my results after the training programme is complete to find out whether or not the training was successful. Throughout this personal exercise programme I aim to improve my cardio-vascular fitness and my speed. If you are training for a particular position in a particular sport, you need to consider what muscles and types of fitness are used in your activity. Results of my sessions Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Shuttles 10 12 13 15 19 20 Tricep Dips 26 30 28 35 39 42 Sit Ups 44 46 49 52 57 59 Continuous 4 4 4 5 5 5 Squats 46 49 50 58 60 62 Press Ups 21 22 24 27 30 35 Star Jumps 56 57 59 60 62 62 After Every session I felt fitter than the one before, just through the training I did the week before.
Fruit is a good ex Application of theory When I was putting my pep together I had to consider all aspects of the principles of training Specificity - is based around the idea that all exercises should be relevant and appropriate to the sport for which they are training.
This shows that the player works hard and then rests for a small time and then works again. Strike the first ball then turn around and sprint around the cone and strike the next ball then turn around and sprint to round the cone etc. 2nd - 134 3rd - 108 3 66 bpm 1st - 174 2nd - 130 3rd - 102 4 64 bpm 1st - 172 2nd - 124 3rd - 96 5 60 bpm 1st - 178 2nd - 122 3rd - 90 Session No. The warm up will increase the blood flow and heart rate, warm up the muscles, warms and loosens joints. There are three types of weight training: Isometric training in this type of training, the muscles contract but there is no movement.
The benefits of muscular endurance training are that it gives you the ability to continue exercise and prevent fatigue, which ultimately hinders performance. To increase power , I will have to use a heavy load and a small number of repetitions, lifting the load as fast as possible. All Rights Reserved.Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. I achieved the results I expected, however the results were achieved to a higher level and quicker that I expected, I expected my fitness and skill to improve slowly but these results came a lot quicker. A warm up is very important as it increases the blood flow, stimulates the level of activity and decreases the risk of injury and also may well help one concentrate better on the activity being performed.
I had not a lot of the enthusiasm at the beginning of the week but I was very pleased with myself that I carried on.
Throughout my training programme I managed to keep a high level of interest through each session, as each was very different, allowing me to try knew skills out each time. This will enable him to perform for a longer time and this will also make his muscles take a longer time to get fatigued.
Duration depends on fitness levels, minimum of 12 minutes, maximum for recreational purposes 30-40 minutes. I feel I have used a variety of different training methods including Fartlek, interval and circuit, also I have used weights to exercise with which would count as weight training.
The aim the overall coursework is to improve my ability to plan a training programme, perform it and evaluate it.
Raise and lower self using arms bench Triceps Biceps Muscular endurance Muscular strength SKIPPING Use a rope, hold at either end and jump over it as it comes towards feet Skipping rope Quadriceps Hamstrings Gastrominus Muscular endurance Muscular strength Cardiovascular endurance SKILLS SECTION 1.
Also, for my first abdominal curls test, I managed 82 sit-ups, but when I re-took it I was able to get up to 108, making an improvement of 26 sit-ups. Although I will be doing this in the road I will have to be cautious of cars and also make sure that I am wearing good foot wear because the road isn't a flat service.
7) Balance Between Leisure Time and Work * I keep a balance between my leisure time and my work and exercise time.
While rebounding, shooting and other activities associated with basketball, you need to bend to get the best position this is why flexibility is important. I used all the FITT principles and the principles of training to plan my training and my aims so I included everything we have learnt, which was useful and beneficial to my PEP.

My exercises were pacifically chosen to help develop my fitness and upper body strength, because if I improve them then my football will develop due to that. My heart rate at rest is 70 beats per minute and my maximum heart rate is 205 beats per minute. If you aren't training for a particular sport, then you need to consider your height, weight, gender, body shape, and goals before you choose a training program.
CIRCUIT TRAINING Circuit training helps to achieve the benefits of both aerobic & anaerobic exercise in the same exercise session. Because a forward doesn't get much of the ball in hand to attack with, so they don't need to turn quickly.
The Training programme is specified to improve the aspects listed below therefore there will be no skills involved in this circuit. These are needed in general to move but this would also improve my agility as if the abdominals are stronger it will put less strain on them whilst moving quickly. Isotonic training in this type of training, Muscles contract and shorten producing movement. Conclusion I have now successfully completed my training programme, evaluated the sections and analysed my results.
The skill related fitness required in Football is Agility, Power, Co-ordination, Balance, Speed, Cardiovascular fitness and Muscular endurance. It must be continuous, or the body will recover and the principle of overload will not be applied.
It will also help to improve my knowledge and understanding of the skills needed in rounders.
Develops power, reaction time and agility To be performed with 2 people: Set out two cones, ten metres away from each other (distance from bowler and batter boxes). This shows that my fitness level has increased form doing the five week training programme.
I will aim to complete one session within 10 minutes and by the end of the six weeks, I hope to have increased my fitness and be able to see a good result from the data.
I started with the shuttle runs so that I could warm up my legs and then I tried to go in the order that I had planned but it was quite difficult as there were sometimes too many people at one station.
Also, it was a really good feeling when I found the fitness tests after the training much easier and feeling that my hard work had paid off, I could feel the difference that the last 6 weeks had made on my body. If you are training to lose weight, you should emphasise more cardiovascular activities with some moderate strength training.
Andorra) between the minutes of 40 and 55 Passes Complete 4 Passes Incomplete 0 Shots on target 3 Shots off target 0 Goals 1 Fouled 1 Offside 1 Dribble Attempts 1 Dribble Success 100% Conclusion During the course of my personal exercise plan I think I have improved my level of fitness. Interval Training: In interval training you follow a fixed pattern of fast work followed by slow work or rest.
Whereas, a back has to be quick on his feet and be able to have the ability to turn to outwit opponents. The targets I expect to achieve at the end of the five session exercise program that I create, are to improve my leg strength, ball control and stamina, also I would like to improve my fitness and be able to do each exercise for a longer duration.
I am now able to see a huge improvement in my fitness; this conclusion is supported by my post- training fitness testing.
Shuttle Sprint - I will perform this exercise on a safe surface, such as a indoor studio or running track. The programme that has been composed is to help improve my ability and performance in rounders and to become fitter and be able to perform to my best ability while using the required skills that I have learnt from doing the programme. My training programme was designed for one person during the fitness session and to work in pairs during the skills sessions.
To achieve this I will be doing circuit training to build up my muscles and to work on my cardiovascular fitness using the FITT and SPORT principles. So instead I went to a station that gave the muscles I had just worked on a rest, like after step-ups I went to sit ups instead of press-ups.
Conclusion I really enjoyed doing my PEP and I would do it again as it had a positive effect on my body, both physically and mentally. If you want to build up your muscles, then you will probably spend most of your session lifting weights. After my weight sessions I felt blood pooling quite a lot so I just did some light repetitions on the machine necessary.
Station 1 This station will be a 12 minute run (running for 12 minutes and recording the distance travelled) This will be a good indication of the success of my training programme. 1 - Shuttle Runs 2 - Bench Press 7 - Wall Sits 3 - Skipping 6- Passing ( against wall) 5 - Step Ups 4 - Dribbling During every training session heart rate should be recorded to see recovery rate.
To improve my weaknesses in Football, I will use circuit training doing the following activities: * Bench walk * Bench jump * Triceps dip * Press-ups * Step-ups * Shuttle run I will be using the principle of Progression to make sure my weaknesses improve as much as possible and as quickly as possible.
I will be looking to improve my lower body muscular strength mainly, but also my upper body muscular strength which will help in batting and throwing.
However, I had to work in a pair during the fitness session also as we had to time each other for each station.
I will have to complete the circuit three times, without resting, which will count as one session.
Near the end I was getting really tired and my asthma started to kick in but I managed to hold up okay.
If I did it again, I wouldn't change much, except make sure I had a good order of stations in my circuit and also have more determination in the endurance test and the Bleep test to keep going, because I think I probably could have got a bit further. I regularly play football for Oldham Athletic Centre of Excellence and mid-Cheshire schools, I have played football for as long as I can remember and still really enjoy it. All training programs should include a mixture of cardiovascular and strength training, plus stretching for flexibility and to reduce the risk of injury. After the circuit sessions I felt very tired but quite proud of myself having improved each week on most stations.
If my training programme is working then my fitness should improve therefore my distance should improve every week.
Resting Heart rate should be taken before each session, It should be taken again immediately after exercise and then at regular intervals to test recovery rate. I am pleased to say that my training programme was easy to manage; I was able to set the training programme up, do the training and record my progress very simply and efficiently. In conclusion after completing the circuit training I wish to become a much better football player. But this was not a problem as the rest gaps stayed constant, and it made it less complicated to do.
My circuit could be easily adapted to someone else as all the circuit stations are just for general fitness so for someone else, they would simply change the exercises and maybe the number of times each one is carried out, for there own individual needs as the training needs to be specific. I am currently playing for my 3rd team having played previously for Holmes Chapel Cubs for 3 years since I was 7 and I was then playing in the under 11s league, and then my dad set up Holmes Chapel Hurricanes Under 11s so through year 6 to year 9 I played for them, scoring on a regular basis. My Fartlek training went well, improving my time and then increasing the route was challenging but satisfying.

Fitness Testing - There are many fitness tests, one of which should be chosen to test fitness before training sessions are started and after 5 sessions.
As a result of completing the training programme my general fitness has improved drastically and my football skills have shown an astonishing improvement.
All the equipment that was needed was available and there was not much setting up to do making it quick and easy to get on with. I will need to record the time I complete each session in, and also my Resting Pulse before I begin the session and my Pulse every 2 minutes after each session to record the Recovery Rate. This is an important part of football as it is a contact sport and it is also very physical, players need to be able to guard the ball and hold other players off when they are challenging for the ball.
Then stretch all the major muscles used for football, each stretch should be held for a period of 8 - 10 seconds.
This should improve my sprinting giving me an advantage of being able to run on to a long ball before the defender gets it for example. Doing the training programme was very enjoyable and amusing, even though I was exhausted after each session, as I pushed myself to my limits, I knew I was at my limits because I was not able to do anything else after training without a long rest.. All my areas of weakness improved each and hope fully have resulted in me becoming a better football player. Develops coordination, reaction time, speed and agility To be performed with 2 people: Throwing and catching. The stations in my circuit will be; shuttle runs, sit-ups, step-ups, press-ups, skipping, and burpees, in that order. It would be ridiculous to expect a person who has not been doing any exercise to run 10 miles on their first day. Also muscular strength is useful when taking a throw-in, good muscular strength in the abdominal muscles is required to throw the ball higher and further to reach a player that is a long distance away from the touch-line. Improvements If I were to continue with the training programme I would need to make some changes in order to continue with the principle of progression, to progress the training programme I would have to increase the work time and decrease the rest time.
Get a space 6 metres wide by 14 metres long, indoors or outdoors (this is the dimension of a badminton court). After 30 seconds interval I will start doing press-ups again for another 30 seconds then have a 30 second interval. After completing the course, I find it a lot easier to complete each station with higher repetitions as my fitness level improved.
I wanted to improve my time from last week and changed the start station from shuttle runs to skipping which also acted as a warm up. However, it is generally accepted that if a person starts out running a mile each day, they can progress by increasing the distance or making their time less.
Additionally I could also add more exiting exercises to the programme and have the sessions more often to avoid reversibility and increase fitness. In the first week of the Circuit Training my performance was not too great and after the test I found it hard to motivate myself for the remaining weeks. During each training session the same fitness and skills sessions will be performed to my best ability.
These were the NCF Abdominal Curl Conditioning Test, the NCF Multistage Fitness Test, the Cooper 12 Minute Run, the Harvard Step Test, and the Illinois Agility Run. This time I didn't really worry about the order I had planned but I went to the stations that gave my muscles a rest from the station I had just been on. In the second week I encountered a slight knee injury which made me start to doubt myself and my abilities.i To cope with my lack of motivation I simply thought about all the benefits of the Circuit Training and saw that for me to fulfil my potential as a very good football player I had to improve my weakness, which was only possible through the completion of the Circuit Training.
My improvement will be monitored as I gradually increase the time period and keep a record of my heart rate and repetitions. Develops coordination, power and reaction time To be performed with 2 people Bowl the rounders ball to your partner, who will hit it back to you with a rounders bat. I was able to increase my level of fitness, do a training programme that I designed and enjoyed and work with people that I got on with. The NCF Abdominal Curl Conditioning Test is to monitor the tone and condition of you abdominal muscles. Bleep Test The aim of the bleep test is test aerobic fitness levels, each level on the bleeps test can be used to calculate a persons VO2 max (their maximum oxygen uptake). Time 1st 30 seconds 2nd 30 seconds 3rd 30 seconds 4th 30 seconds 5th 30 seconds 6th 30 seconds No. To cope with the problem of self- doubt again I looked at all the benefits the completion of Circuit Training would bring and I removed all possible doubts. It is carried out instructions on a tape where the athlete is to perform as many sit-ups as possible in time to the beeps for as long as possible. Overall I believe my performance through out the whole Circuit Training was phenomenal I can honestly say I am well and truly proud of myself and my achievements and hopefully my achievements will lead to birth of new talent. This will require activities that are directly related to rounders and will help me improve my skills in those areas. Equipment needed 1 rounders ball 1 rounders bat Stopwatch COOL DOWN For the start of my cool down I will do 2 laps of the rounders pitch, gently jogging to slow my heart rate down.
Out of the fitness stations, I enjoyed doing the sit-ups most, as I do these regularly and it is something I find easy and fun.
I will count the number of press-ups I do during each 30 seconds and write the number on my score card. Recently, I have not experienced any illnesses or injuries that have managed to affect my performance in sports.
I will then proceed to do my warm up activities, but in reverse to prevent my muscles from seizing up and allowing the release of lactic acid.
However, I definitely liked the skills sessions best, as this put my rounders skills to the test and slowed me to play a part of a sport that I enjoy. Conclusion: From my results I can conclude that my hypothesis which was that the number of press-ups I will do will decrease on each occasion was right and this was probably due to the build up of lactic acid in my muscles which resulted in oxygen-dept. If I had to redo this in the future I would definitely change my chin-ups station in the fitness session as I found these hard and would probably have benefited a lot more with a different station. However I think my strength still increased as the decrease in the number of press-ups I did wasn't very great. Hypothesis: I can improve my cardiovascular fitness by trying a much as possible to achieve a higher level in the bleep test each week, than in the previous week. This shows that I have a considerable amount of muscular endurance, as my muscles were able to work for a prolonged amount of time.

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