Our signature, Facilitative, Competency-Based coaching model is unique, measurable and helps school leaders develop through a facilitated learning process. NYCLA supports school leaders both through direct coaching, provided by our expert, trained coaches, and by building the capacity of others to do the coaching work. Are you committed to your vision of a better school for all students, but struggling to actualize that vision?
Our coaches are trained both in our Facilitative, Competency-Based coaching model and in specific district, state and national policies and initiatives, enabling them to deliver targeted, effective coaching.
Coaching is offered free of charge to all first-year principals in the New York City Department of Education. School leaders from districts outside of New York City who are interested in receiving NYCLA’s leadership coaching should contact our team to discuss possibilities. NYC Leadership Academy provides consulting and training that enables school systems to design and strengthen coaching programs and to develop highly-skilled coaches who help school leaders achieve their leadership and school improvement goals.
Align the work of coaches with the system’s identified leadership competencies and development priorities. Provide high-quality professional development tailored to the needs of school leaders and the students they serve. We offer a range of training options geared to different content and delivery needs: from fundamentals for coaches, to self-paced online support, to advanced training for experienced practitioners. Collaborate with school leaders to set learning goals and develop strategies that support continuous learning and lead to greater job satisfaction. Get in touch with us to learn more about how NYCLA can help your district build or improve its leadership coaching programs. Cardio Tennis is a fun, one hour group activitiy designed to provide a high energy cardio workout using tennis drills.

The proshop has one of the largest tennis shoe selections in New York City alongside the latest demo rackets from Babolat, Wilson, Head and Prince.
The Teddy Tennis program is designed for our youngest beginners who are usually 3-6 years old.
For beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate level players, the Junior Development Program is designed to take your child to the next level towards tennis proficiency. We are the first tennis passport in NYC, offering tennis lessons in all 5 NYC boroughs and Long Island. All listed tennis clubs go through an extensive evaluation process, ensuring the highest standards. This is most suited to the beginner and intermediate level that focus mainly on stroke production and score keeping. This job-embedded coaching model is anchored in clear, research-based behavior standards linked to student outcomes. NYCLA recently launched an online version of the LPPW that provides a web-based interface for school leaders and their coaches to work together between in-person visits or phone or web check-ins. In the midst of all your hard work, do you sometimes wish you had a knowledgeable, experienced and trusted advisor you could consult about the complexities of leading a school on behalf of your students and their communities? Coaches help school leaders assess their leadership needs and develop the skills they need to identify and achieve their school goals. A team of experienced coaches and administrators understand the importance of professionalism and quality coaching. With the right tennis equipment, introducing music teddy bears and story telling makes it a lot more fun. Whether you are looking to compete, learn, have a great workout or play socially, there are programs for you!

The tool also enables a district administrator to review interactions between the coach and the school leader for the purpose of planning appropriate professional development.
Principals have access to just such a confidential thought partner through our School Leadership Coaching program.
We at Tennis Passport know that by providing our visitors the best options, also improves our credibility and authority in the tennis industry.
Most coaches are certified by thr USPTA and or USPTR, the most recognized governing bodies. In addition to providing quality options, we expanded our network to all 5 boroughs of New York City and Long Island.
Most tennis coaches have a sense of discipline developed from years of dedication to the sport as well as college or professional play.
Theses characteristics are great values for children to emulate and their coaching not only encompasses stroke production but life skills. It is a safe and secure after-school program option for kids that can balance play and home work at these clubsThough not available at all of our clubs, some provide on site bar and grills as well as fitness centers.
Parents often look for the best after school options and tennis offers more than just play but character building.
Maximize your workout with on site trainers and a clean locker room to get you back to the real world. Our clubs offer quality Tennis programming from Private to Group Lessons for Kids and Adults.

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