Rumors regarding the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles are still running rampant, and it appears as though a front-runner may have emerged. Now told as much that the #Eagles have officially offered Adam Gase the job and that he is discussing with his family. As reported earlier today by The Inquisitr, the Eagles liked Gase so much in their first interview with him, they decided to offer him a second interview. While Gase may like what the Eagles are doing, other teams are working hard to lure him away.
With the second interview with Gase and the Philadelphia Eagles scheduled for this weekend, other teams still have a chance to impress him. If the rumors are true, letting Gase go without an acceptance may prove to be a huge mistake for the Philadelphia Eagles.
Former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly also decimated their offense by poor front office moves.
While DeGaetano has been a reliable source in the past, other Philadelphia radio personalities are not buying into the rumors yet.
Adam Gase very well might be the #Eagles guy, but I can't see an offer being made to anyone until after their top choices are interviewed. Rumors regarding the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles will continue to swirl throughout the weekend, but there should be more clarity in the coming days.
Writes La Canfora: Putting their horrible season on Tomsula, in the wake of an ugly falling out with former coach Jim Harbaugh a year ago, may not be fair, and the York family has long been a champion of Tomsula's, so there are some complicated dynamics to navigate as the season winds down. While the team has not confirmed anything, Darren DeGaetano of Sports Radio 94 WIP claims that the Eagles have actually offered Gase the head coaching position. Since a second interview is always a sign of tremendous interest, it comes as no surprise that the Eagles actually offered him the position.

He has become the most sought-after head coaching candidate on the market, and pretty much every team without a coach is looking to hire him. The Eagles were the first team to get their shot at interviewing Gase, as they talked to him for eight hours yesterday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.
In addition to the Browns, Gase is also scheduled to interview with the Miami Dolphins on Thursday. While the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles is an attractive job, Gase may find other teams more appealing. In cutting DeSean Jackson, trading LeSean Mccoy, and not re-signing Jeremy Maclin, Kelly turned a once prolific offense into a shell of its former self. Matt Lombardo of 97.5 The Fanatic believes that the Eagles will not officially offer any of their candidates a job until everyone is interviewed.
Adam Gase is a top head coaching candidate, and he is likely to have a team picked by the end of next week. After DeGaetano posted the above tweet, his followers questioned the legitimacy of it and asked for additional details. With former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith being fired, that means there are now seven head coaching vacancies in the NFL. If the rumor of the job offer was indeed presented yesterday, Gase wants to see all of his offers first. According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Dolphins are going to do everything in their power to ensure that Gase does not make his way back to Philadelphia for a second interview.
In quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins have a young leader who they believe can lead them to a Super Bowl. While the Eagles will look to bounce back with a core of young wide receivers, Gase may be looking for a more established offense with a quarterback that is signed long-term.

Because, obviously, Kelly's tired of winning the NFC East and trying to chase down a Super Bowl.
According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Gase interviewed with the Browns today.
While quarterback Sam Bradford had a solid finish to his first year with the Eagles, he is now a free agent.
But all things considered, firing Tomsula isn't that shocking, especially with a big-name candidate like Chip Kelly being available.
Stanford's David Shaw also comes to mind as a possible target.But it is another complete embarrassment in a year full of them for the 49ers if they're forced to admit the guy they tagged after booting Harbaugh to the curb was a total mistake. NFL jobs are harder to come by, don't involve recruiting, don't involve governing bodies trying to keep you from paying players and feature a chance at the ultimate goal for all football coaches: winning a Super Bowl. We saw something similar happen with Texas last year, when Chip was rolling right along as a rookie coach. He was "high on the list" for the Longhorns and quickly put a line through his own name by laughing off the notion. A year prior to taking the Eagles job, Kelly looked locked for the Buccaneers job before pulling back and sticking at Oregon.
Sanchez is playing well, he's got Nick Foles on the backburner, the Eagles are first in the NFC East and a top-three seed in the conference. Chip's staring at the possibility of needing to win a couple games to hoist the Lombardi.It's not that simple to do, but he's not walking away from it to help reboot Florida's program.

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