Bookings now open for the TPCCA JANUARY SENIOR SUMMER SCHOOL with Lucinda Dunn OAM, Marie Walton Mahon ARAD RAD RTS and Guest Teacher Darren Mcintyre, PLUS TPCCA Full Time Faculty Members Catherine Edwards, Katie Pianoff and Lorena Otes. Premier School Sport Coaching presents Premier Laser Combat the most exhilarating party experience ever! Premier School Sport Coaching currently use the Cobra lightweight gaming gun supplied by ECombat.

Premier Laser Combat is uitible for people of all abilities from age 7 upwards and specialise in outdoor laser combat activities that will leave you transformed into an elite force for any mission! This is the original high quality laser tag equipment manufactured in Australia since 1999.It was previously sold through a marketing company called Battlefield Sports who are no longer authorised to sell these products.

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