With the addition of Paul Rhoads as defensive backs coach, Bielema has filled the three openings, and he has his nine full-time assistants and head strength coach. Three assistants left this offseason, with offensive line coach Sam Pittman going to Georgia (with a huge raise), running backs coach Jemal Singleton going to the Indianapolis Colts and defensive backs coach Clay Jennings going to Texas. Bielema’s past three running backs coach hires have gone to the NFL, in Singleton, Joel Thomas and Thomas Hammock (at Wisconsin). To lead the offensive line, Bielema turned to the NFL, hiring Kurt Anderson from the Buffalo Bills. Bielema is 18-20 in three years at Arkansas, but the Hogs have finished strong in two straight seasons. HOME COACHING SEARCH TICKER RADIO--> BIO CONTACT SITEMAP PRIVACY POLICY COPYRIGHT 2013.
With the football season just 11 short days away, we revisited this post from January and updated it to reflect the Razorbacks Coaching Staff as it stands today. With one addition (Barry Lunney Jr., Tight Ends), one revision (Michael Smith, replacing George McDonald at Wide Receivers), and one carryover (Taver Johnson, Cornerbacks), the Razorbacks Coaching Staff is complete and ready to compete in the 2013 SEC football season. The new Razorbacks Coaching Staff, hired by Head Coach Bret Bielema, might be the best staff Hog Fans have seen in decades. What becomes clear in looking at the Broyles coaching tree is that it is perhaps the most impressive tree in all of college football. Adding to the Broyles legacy is the hiring of successful coaches as Athletic Director, including Nolan Richardson, Lou Holtz, Dave Van Horn, and John McDonnell. Notable players: Chris Harper, Tyler Lockett, Aubrey Quarles, Brandon Banks, Mike Thomas, Darren Sproles, and Alex Smith. Notable players: Michael Turner, Garrett Wolfe, Alex Hurst, Kiaro Holt and Jonathan Cooper. Coach Thomas has produced 1,000+ yard running backs everywhere he has coached, with players receiving many post-season honors. As a player for the Razorbacks, Lunney lettered from 1992-95, starting 40 games at quarterback, and was a team captain on the 1995 team that played in the SEC Championship Game for the first time in school history. The only real question mark is whether Bielema is making too big a bet that he can bring in a lot of talented players from Florida. The recruiting stories I follow in 2013 will be how many in-state players does Bielema go after, and how many Florida players can the staff pull? While it is a given that Arkansas has to recruit well in Texas, there are a couple of things that have, perhaps, changed the metrics on that just a bit. Impressive on paper, yes, but let’s say they will have to perform at a high, high level to accomplish what BP did in yrs.

VILONIA — Tom Stephens and Casey Craun, Vilonia Junior High School track and field coaches, get excited about students — hoping to inspire them to be self-confident, determined, tenacious, respectful and team-oriented. Both the boys and girls teams are 2013 River Valley Junior High Conference track champions. Self-described as “huge track guys,” Stephens and Craun came to Vilonia about eight years ago.
Although they didn’t know each other prior to being hired at Vilonia, they both grew up in the same county in southwest Arkansas.
According to Craun, the track teams, have proven to be “very coachable” and the hard work has paid off. He noted Sarah Brantley was a top hurdler, triple-jumper and pole-vaulter before she was injured. Seventh-graders Ally Swaim finished first in the 300 hurdles and Ashley Andrews, second in the 100 hurdles. In Reggie Mitchell, Bielema hired a veteran coach with a history of being a recruiting coordinator.
Anderson spent two years with the Bills and previously coached at Eastern Michigan and Michigan. Rhoads spent the past six years at Iowa State’s head coach and has coordinating experience at Auburn and Pitt.
Coach Broyles had, at some point in his 19 year run at Arkansas, Barry Switzer, Joe Gibbs, Johnny Majors, Jimmy Johnson, Hayden Fry, Doug Dickey, Raymond Berry, Pat Jones, Monte Kiffin and Jackie Sherrill on staff, to name just a few. We here at Sporting Life Arkansas are very impressed with the staff he has assembled at this point. Has served as Recruiting Coordinator at three schools and has brought in highly rated recruiting classes. He concluded his playing career as the Big Eight’s second-leading receiver with 179 receptions, trailing just All-American Hart Lee Dykes.
No one can deny, based on their credentials, that this is one of the best coaching staffs in the nation. It’s about constant running in a season that last from February to mid-April with rarely a break in practice from inclement weather. The boys team has won four out of the past six conferences titles and was runner-up another time. Madison Daves finished second in high jump and was on the winning 4x400 team in the conference meet. The 37-year-old Anderson has brought a lot of energy on the recruiting trail and on social media.

At the bottom of the page, we’ll include some interesting tidbits from the Broyles years. With two coaches to go, let’s take a look at the assistants that Coach Bielema has hired so far and give a few thoughts on each. Utilizing elements of the Spread and the Pro Style offenses, Chaney’s teams were balanced, deadly and could strike from anywhere on the field.
With TAM joining the conference, I wonder if a lot of kids who may have been inclined to go out of state to play in the SEC are now out of reach? Having a history in a state, knowing high school coaches and what not, is important, but I am inclined to believe that good recruiting is more than that. The Hog’s were at a high level in the SEC but no writer evidently wants to mention this fact. Bielema’s programs are built around the offensive line, and Anderson is now the face of that unit. Rhoads joins Dan Enos as current Arkansas assistants who were head coaches before joining the staff. His offensive lines at both NC and Tenn were very good at keeping a QB on his feet and allowing them to perform at a very high level. While Arkansas has never had a staff with the experience that this staff has in the Sunshine State, it’s hard to believe that this will equate to great success recruiting there. While Florida perennially produces some of the top high school recruits, its hard to believe that Arkansas can pry many of those recruits away from their home schools.
My hope is that with two spots left to fill, at least one, if not both, have strong backgrounds in Texas. That being said, with Bielema averaging around 4 recruits per year from Florida while at Wisconsin, without Randy Shannon, it’s easy to be optimistic that he will have greater success bringing those recruits to Arkansas. As exciting as the past few weeks have been with all the new hires, I am doing my best to not get too caught up in the excitement.
I don’t believe it will happen as quickly as some do, but I remain cautiously optimistic that this staff can and will do great things together.

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