Downey writes of the need to bring humanity back to the workplace – and his book is largely directed at those working in business coaching.
What happens with feedback is that people attach a judgement to the data to suit their purpose in that moment.
That said, in giving feedback is it nigh impossible to communicate only the data and one of the most powerful concepts in coaching is emphasised again in this book.
Today, empowerment is no longer just desirable – it has become an essential tool for managing. It is precisely this experience that has highlighted the critical skill that is lacking in many organizations – the ability of managers to give constructive performance feedback to employees in a productive and ongoing manner. This is the ultimate goal of any coaching interaction or process, and the skills that this course delivers. Learn how to apply coaching skills as an effective method for handling performance problems. Give and receive feedback on skill development through the use of videotaping and trained observers.

One of the keys to the success of this program is the opportunity for practice sessions in small groups.
Participants don’t work with hypothetical situations or role-plays, they do live coaching in the classroom on real issues.
They receive feedback from peers and trained observers, on the spot, where they can learn from mistakes, implement corrections and test out alternative approaches. Finally, we will work with you to tailor the design of the program to integrate existing policies, procedures and forms into the course design. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Managerial coaching skills are important essentials to ensure team development towards reaching company's goals. These are among the most important skills of an effective coach, and, once a year at review time is simply not enough. The workplace benefits because the workers are fulfilled and achieve a balanced lifestyle which brings a fresh vitality to their work.

Instead, Downey suggests, “there is no such thing as negative feedback and there is no such thing as positive feedback.
If your intent is suspect, even the most well structured of coaching conversations will disintegrate. If your intent is positive, the most difficult of feedback can usually be received well and acted on. This isn’t to diminish the ongoing use of questions, but to encourage a flexible approach and a maturity to recognise what the need of the client is at that moment in time. The role of the coach, Downey suggests, is to give the data as cleanly as possible so that the coachee can receive it, assess it and make their own decision as to how to proceed.

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