MelAus PartnersCOACHING SKILLS FOR MANAGERS TRAININGExceptional business coaching clips that demonstrate important coaching skillsapr , find . Coaching Skills for Leaders is a no-nonsense program for busy business leaders, managers and executives who are looking to empower their subordinates and help them become more accountable, diligent and committed to increase performance and bottom-line results for the company, business unit or team. You do not have to be an expert in whatever aspect of the business you are engaged in, but you must get things done through others and help them be successful. Most executives and managers are completely unprepared for the new responsibilities that face them, the new dynamics they'll encounter in the workplace and the stresses that can so easily result. Coaching Skills for Leaders is great for both novice and experienced managers, executives and business leaders who want to successfully influence other peoples' behaviour. It will teach you and your key people how to motivate, critique, coach, and unload or fire people. Participants will understand how to develop the skill, empathy, and insight that will put them on the road to coaching excellence.
Coaching Skills for Leaders will help you understand how to tap into other peoples’ genius, encourage their personal development and help them unlock their true potential.
If you’re looking to build close-knit teams, develop a culture of accountability AND transform your company into a high performing team, you need to figure out how to lead your people successfully. If you’re a people manager or a company executive, you need to have the skills to solve difficult staff problems, root out team dysfunctions and achieve greater results by leveraging your employees with less effort. If you are responsible for the day-to-day supervision or management of human resources in your company, you need to understand how to solve generational and cultural conflicts, lack of accountability and resistance to change, otherwise it could be hard going for you and those around you.
Accountability is essential to individual and organisational success, but few leaders know how to make it happen in their organisation. The one thing that scares more executives and managers than anything else is delegating power to employees who might fail.
No leader can focus on what really makes the difference until and unless they figure out how to hold their employees accountable and committed to the success of the company. Participants will also learn how to communicate effectively, deliver dynamic presentations, run effective meetings, speak in front of a large crowd of people with confidence, power and without fear, and more! Coaching Skills for Leaders will help managers and executives understand how to leverage the talents and skills of the employees and subordinates. Coaching Skills for Leaders will help keep your key people, managers, executives (and you) out of trouble, and it will help your organisation, business unit or team run with less friction.
Coaching Skills for Leaders will give you the tools you need to help everyone in the company grow into their own self-correcting, self-generating person.
The 4 stage model to tap into peoples’ peak experiences and increase their productivity by 100% and more!
Coaching Skills for Leaders will assist business executives and managers to develop the effective communications and relationship expertise needed to effectively run their organisations in the highly-competitive operating environment. Participants will understand how to create a successful, high-performing department, where employees develop and quickly adapt to the changes of today’s fast-paced workforce. Coaching Skills for Leaders will help participants to give more constructive feedback, run meetings more efficiently, delegate responsibility effectively, close performance gaps, deliver clear expectations and deal with challenging people and conversations more effectively.
Also, you and your people will understand how to bring non-performers off the fence and into the game.
In his revolutionary book, Good to Great, Jim Collins speaks about how the executives that ignited the transformation for companies that went from good to great, did not figure out how to drive the bus, but how to get the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off), and then they figured out where to drive it. Coaching Skills for Leaders is a must for every business leader, executive and manager who has realised that you win through people, and sincerely want to know how to do it in the 21st century. Programs can be specifically tailored whether the desired outcome is for the Leaders to understand and be able to communicate like a coach, or to be able to operate as a formal coach within the organisation.
Dave is without doubt the most impactful, focused and energetic speaker I have ever encountered. It was an absolute pleasure attending the Graduate Orientation Week facilitated by Dave Lourdes. Shine as a confident, skillful coach with the support, inspiration and courage you need to make it happen for you.

I’m passionate about coaching and even more passionate about supporting amazing people like you who aspire to make a difference in our world through professional coaching! Enter your name and email on the right to get  immediate access to the Coaches Cafe Free Monthly Community Training Calls and occasional newsletter. Get the support you need to be brilliant at what you do.  I invite you to be a part of this powerful community and join us on the next Coaches Cafe Community Call.
She is particularly adept at helping to identify and remove blocks, so you can gain the clarity, direction and focus you desire, to effect positive change in both your professional and personal life. Her own vast experience and expertise allows her to effectively support professional coaches to transform difficult challenges into powerful opportunities. When you partner with Stephanie, you claim your authentic coaching style to inspire, motivate and create a profound impact on your clients’ results and be brilliant at what you do. Coaching is increasingly becoming one of the most sought after and important skills for anyone in a work environment. Coaching Skills course will introduce you to the mentality of successful coaches, the effective methods of managing resistive or defensive coachees, the ability to control your emotions and to use others in inspiring and directing them towards achieving their goals. We have always been told what to do by our parents, teachers, boss or even our colleagues. We know the best way to learn is by examples and hands-on experience, therefore this course is packed with effective practical and interactive exercises which would help you to quickly grasp different aspects of a well-delivered coaching session.
How do humans learn and how can you use their natural learning habits while coaching to get maximum results? What results do you obtain from asking each type of question and how can you use this knowledge to coach?
Coaching is a hands-on experience and the best way to master this skill is through practice. Coaching skills is not only limited to managers, it is a skill applicable to everyone in any setting. Since coaching involves guiding others, this course also includes comprehensive materials on human motivation and learning principles so that the learner can become familiar with the full range of topics necessary when dealing with others. Using a range of practical exercises, delegates get to practice their coaching skills on each other and also work through exercises designed to increase their retention rate and help them memorise various techniques thought in the course. Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions by email and will be given links to the download pages. Skills Converged is a unique company that provides professionally designed fully-customisable training course materials based on the latest research in learning & development. We can also provide this training course for your staff or your organisation anywhere in the UK. Coaching Skills for Managers will give you the skills to unlock employee potential and drive peak performance. This training course is suitable for professionals and managers and team leaders who wish to enhance their ability to communicate with, train, coach and mentor their staff.
Di has extensive experience as a facilitator, coach, trainer, business consultant and speaker.  She has forged careers in physical sciences arena, as a manager and business owner. FACEBOOKKonnect Learning 1 month ago Women in Leadership is fast approaching just a short month away 6-9 June.
And, how to confront performance issues in a way that will yield a positive outcome, while not crushing, or otherwise de-motivating, the employee.
That could save your company costly litigation, improve your communication, better manage expectations, defuse pent-up emotions, and let your company be more productive! Maybe out of fear of conflict, or lack of commitment, or avoidance of accountability or inattention to results - these and many others are real dysfunctions that Coaching Skills for Leaders will help you remove from your organisation.
In effect, they will help you relieve your hectic schedule so you can focus on what really makes a difference in your company.
Coaching Skills for Leaders will equip you to be able to effectively pass down authority, decision-making power and responsibility to those below. Passing down authority, decision-making power and responsibility to staff and subordinates sounds like a scary idea, yet it’s the only way to take your company to the next level.

This will help maintain the motivation to change, to battle the anxiety, fear, and resistance that so often prevent your people from stepping up to the next level. I’ve also found the Cafe topics that Stephanie has brought forth to be a great mix, ranging from informative and educational to highly fun and creative.
The Ask the Mentor Free Monthly Calls are filled with valuable topics and knowledgeable people from the coaching field. Coaching skills are essential in helping and inspiring your colleagues, friends and family. Many questioning examples, scenarios and case studies are also provided throughout the course. The course contains a lot of content for just a single day and there are many practical exercises that can easily be extended to cover more than one day. This course covers many theoretical aspects of coaching, though each theoretical part is systematically complemented with appropriate exercises and case studies so that the delegates can see for themselves what they are supposed to do when coaching. These skills can be used to connect with others and to inspire, motivate and guide them in overcoming their problems and getting results.
You don’t have to be the best tennis player in the world to be able to coach a tennis player. Courses are designed with attention to detail both on content and style so that you can deliver unique state-of-the-art courses to your clients and get maximum results.
Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses.
You will learn how to upskill your staff in problem solving, enable them to work independently and with purpose; which in turn will ensure ongoing productivity and motivation are maintained. In a career spanning three continents and a variety of industries, she has specialised in leadership and management skills, motivation, practical emotional intelligence, presentation skills, customer service and engagement. And even if you think your people skills are OK, you still have to hone and improve your craft to create an inspiring environment to help your people move towards goals in a fulfilling manner. This course focuses on the latest proven methods of coaching and covers important topics such as structuring effective communications, successful questioning methods and active listening techniques, the GROW model, human behaviour, motivational conversations, giving feedback or praise and many other relevant topics. This course will teach you about sound and fundamentally proven coaching techniques which promise clear vision, measured objectives and great results for coachee. This course allows you to understand more about human psychology and learn how to ask the right questions and correctly share your opinion with others. Coaching Skills for Managers will ensure staff learn as they work and add value back to your organisation. The importance of inspiring and guiding employees to realise their abilities and discover their power and responsibilities can no longer be ignored. This course shows the delegates that, indeed, by asking the right questions, they can be an effective coach without the need to know more about the domain than the coachee does. Di’s key strength is her ability to genuinely connect with people, challenging and nspiring them to take action. This is why any successful company is now deeply interested in formal and informal coaching carried out continuously in the workplace.
The emphasis is always on action and practice, rather than models and theories, which ensures significant change for every individual.
RealChanges’ success is underpinned by a team of professionals who have business experience and an insightful appreciation of the challenges that managers, leaders and teams face today.  The Real Changes team have a love of learning and a zest for life, which shows in their facilitation and interactions!  They hold a genuine belief that everyone has the ability to change and grow – and that it is their role to encourage, to challenge and to inspire them to do so. Thatcoaching skills for managers, developing exceptional business coaching highly practical.

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