Personal and emotional coaching is a powerful and unique form of human interaction where the mutual purpose of the said interaction is self-discovery and personal development. But before I successfully established a credible reputation and solid foundation in the field of personal coaching, I first started as a typical human being with my own struggles and story to tell. In times that I see my clients suffering from self-destructive and strong core beliefs and realized that my tools are not enough to help and assist them, I take the effort and dedication to search for other methods to deal with their needs and core beliefs and be able to change the destructive ones.
I am fortunate enough to speak three languages and it is a great advantage since I am dealing with clients from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, culture and religions.
I do not know how long my coaching will take so it is good to say that we will proceed as long as we feel that it is necessary. It feels great to live with positive and wonderful emotions and these are considered very good reasons to celebrate life. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Coaching Techniques Definition : To allow individuals to realize their potentials and capabilities without demoralizing them. If you ever feel stuck on a problem or overwhelmed by the challenges you face, here are five powerful tools that can help you get unstuck fast.
And when you get some specific, concrete answers – start doing and thinking and feeling those things right now. You can think and think and think about a problem or situation, until you think you know what you think, but then you think some more, and you’re not so sure. Many times, when I’ve seen a client thinking themselves round in circles, I get them to ignore their brain and focus on the sensations in their body.
Step into the first circle, representing the first option – as if you were taking the first step to making it happen. We all have heroes – great artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, sports players, explorers. You may project it onto someone else, but what you’re really doing when you admire a hero is tapping into your own unrealised potential. I’m talking about the kind of fear you experience when you contemplate following your dream and making it happen for real. Then you feel your stomach tighten and your heart start pounding, and you realise you’ve stopped breathing. Of course, this is the voice of Resistance, using fear as a lever to prise you away from your dream. It’s there to give you a shot of adrenaline, to wake you up and get you to take action NOW to avoid disaster later.
As I’ve said to clients over and over again, the bigger the dream, the bigger the fear.
And notice what happens when you take meaningful action – the fear subsides, leaving you with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. No, you shouldn’t rely on other people to tell you what to do, or to get you fired up. Tell a trusted friend about your goal, and arrange to meet with them on a certain date to report back on your progress. Assemble a mastermind group of 3-4 peers, and commit to regular meet ups where you share your goals and hold each other accountable. Tell your blog readers, Twitter followers etc and promise to report back to them by a certain date.
About the Author: Mark McGuinness is a creative coach with over 15 years’ experience of helping people get unstuck and back into the creative zone. Mark McGuinness' new book Motivation for Creative People is a practical guide to figuring out your different motivations and how they affect your creativity and career. Through inspiring stories and tried-and-tested solutions from his 20 years of coaching creative professionals, Mark will show you how to balance your inspiration, ambition, desires and influences in your day-to-day work and the big picture of your career. With #5, I’m with you that making your goals public makes you more accountable, and more productive through that. To me the question what would my hero do is very much like asking what my deepest principles say is the right way to go at this moment. The #2 remembers me a lot the works I’ve done with Body Conscious Design, also called Body Thinking.
If you need more info about body thinking, I’m the representative in Spain of ABCD (association for Body Conscious Design). I think this can be used for one’s personal development as I have found myself in my comfort zones at times. But with this tip, I can just switch places with one of my heroes and imagine how they would handle such a situation. You may also wish to share this ebook I wrote about coaching creative teams: Creative Management for Creative Teams. If this is your first visit to Lateral Action, the best place to start is the Creative Pathfinder - a free 26 week course for creative professionals.
Developmentally, as students begin to center a great deal of attention on their social skills, coaching achieves superb results by building trusting relationships. Just as coaching enjoys a much deserved reputation throughout the sports world, it has found a place in Corporate America. Where sports coaches focus on the athletes’ abilities, teachers as coaches place their focus on the students and their abilities to discover and explore ideas rather then memorize and regurgitate facts. Our current environment, “does little to support the pursuit of cognitive surprise, the creation of intrinsic forms of motivation, the development of imagination, or the ability to define and resolve one’s problems” (Eisner, 2005, p. If we want our tweens to use coaching, then the teacher has to model and teach those skills. Use their gifts and inner talents to bring their work and efforts to the highest level of scholarship attainable.
The youngsters work well together in their cooperative groups, meshing ideas to reach a common goal. In a coaching environment, what makes a teacher superb is the ability to listen effectively and respond with a question or statement that moves the students’ thinking forward.
There is no getting away from the fact that our learners are always overly concerned about their grades. Lydia calls on one speaker at a time from each cooperative group who submits a criterion to be listed on the board. Where teachers are immersed in the methodology of coaching, they use a skill called deep listening. At the lowest level of listening, the teacher is really not hearing or engaged, and basically ignores the student.
If the concentration always remains on the needs of students, this becomes quite evident as the teacher as coach moves beyond the levels and employs guided listening. Vikram:           I keep looking for books that would help me prepare, but they seem too difficult. When emotions arise, it is important for a teacher to recognize how a student is feeling, especially when it affects the learning environment.

Cassandra:   I’m really upset that I wasn’t chosen for the solo part in the county production. There are always those moments when a student, or even an administrator, finds that they have hit a wall. At that moment it seemed as if a great weight had been lifted from the young girl’s shoulders.
Andi Stix is an educational consultant & coach who specializes in differentiation, interactive learning, writing across the curriculum, classroom coaching and gifted education. This entry was posted in Articles, Speeches & Past Posts, Classroom Coaching, Discussion Strategies, Listening, Motivation and tagged 3-Step Process of problem solving, active listening, classroom coaching, COACHing questions, coaching students, communication, comprehension, discussion strategies, educational coaching, empowering students, instructional coaching, intrinsic motivation, learner engagement, learning, levels of listening, listening, listening techniques, making connections, motivation, motivation techniques, negotiable contracting, open-ended questions, questioning, questions, student empowerment, student motivation, student ownership, students coaching students, teachers as classroom coaches, teaching strategies. You can read my post titled The Art of Negotiable Contracting as it explains it in greater depth.
These skills remind me of some that I learned in a social work class that I took in college. I would like to tell you that your blog is more and more interesting each time I visit, as I read more and more of your posts. A personal coach is focused on developing and relating with individuals while they are taking positive steps towards realization of visions.
Helping and discovering myself happened first before I finally realized that I am capable of helping others.
We also work on emotional healing wherein I help them get back what they feel they have lost to be able to breathe and live again. You need to stop punishing yourself and take responsibility with all your emotional decisions.
Loving oneself is also included in my top priorities and I certainly believed that this is one ultimate key to personal development.
I also feel that every time I talk and reach out to my clients, read books and take courses, I learn more things. Sometimes I coach weekly and then move to twice or once a month depending on the needs of my clients.
It is also highly essential to love oneself and feel the amazing power that love has to give, help and heal.
The problem seems so overwhelming that it takes over your whole mental space, leaving precious little room for manoeuvre. It’s surprising how effective it can be to STOP thinking about the problem and START thinking about options and potential solutions. And if you get a sinking feeling, you must not do it – no matter how sensible your head might tell you it is. You actually possess the strength, daring, imagination and other qualities you admire in them, even if you’ve never used them. For more tips on creativity, productivity and succeeding against the odds, sign up for free updates from Lateral Action.
Before turning my life into photography, I was working as an architect and teacher specialized in ergonomy. I know deep down if I put in more i will get more, but not having the mental energy to pull myself through what needs to be done at that time, I let comfort win.
A distraction that will bring back the answer, or if not, feed your mind with such a nice imagined options that make you feel you need it so bad and got to do some thing to move out of this cage.
What a developmental mess!” As our students reach the pinnacle of their “tween” stage, they grope with such issues as becoming more independent, handling increased academic expectations, questioning their peer group opportunities, and conforming or challenging the pop culture. Coaching strives to create an environment where pupils’ stresses levels decrease at the same time that the success ratio spirals upwards. It is not uncommon today for CEOs, presidents, and managers to have personal, executive coaches (Zeus and Skiffington, 2001). A coaching school offers the opposite of an environment where the emphasis is on a predetermined set of skills to be covered or the teacher’s ability to espouse historical data. 17).  At the middle level, where student interest in academics lessons as their interest in social groups heighten, the teacher as coach models techniques that motivate and engage students in the learning process so that their full potential is developmentally realized.
As the superintendent or principal walks the corridors, one sees teachers and students designing new projects on a continuous basis because risk taking behavior is applauded; where initial results that may be rough are refined like a polished diamond. They are encouraged to bring charts, graphs, diagrams, and pictures to enhance their performance during a debate or discussion, and they are made to feel they have ownership in their own learning. We will examine a few of these techniques and will show how they can become embedded in strategies that tap Bloom’s higher levels of thinking, which promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Listening and questioning may sound like easy tasks, but in fact, they are extraordinarily difficult in practice.
In the coaching environment, the teacher as coach initiates a dialogue with the class, an egalitarian “eyeball to eyeball” talk with the students empowering them to decide what exactly should be graded and how.
It is important that the teacher and the students discuss the project – term paper, activity, discussion, debate, art project – and what is expected. After all of the groups have been given the opportunity to submit their ideas, the students discuss them.
In the school where coaching has been inculcated as a daily ritual, the highest levels of listening are a constant recognized presence. At the next level, the teacher listens subjectively, turning what the student states and taking ownership of it, and discusses it from his or her perspective.
Here again, is a helpful coaching tool applied as a response to students; the twist is using a question or statement as a counter to what they asked, allowing them to find their own way or their own solution.
Trettor:   You can’t seem to find anything at the workstation that is at a comfortable reading level. Not literally, of course, but they are suddenly confronted by a problem that seems impossible to solve. Orlov, taking her aside, gently admonished Blanche, telling her, “You were assigned to read material on hydroelectric projects, to understand how power is generated, and to prepare for the discussion. What would happen if superintendents coached principals, principals coached teachers, teachers coached students, and students coached their peers? For further information on her specialties or social media, please email her on the Contact page. Please check out iPEC Coaching based in New Jersey and Cognitive Coaching based out of Colorado. I am proud and fulfilled to have spent long years of life touching lives and inspiring others through personal and emotional coaching.
I allow them to be angry, to cry, to be sad, to laugh and be happy to wake up each morning. If you wanted to embrace a new life which is completely different from your life before, I can teach you various exercises and techniques to make it happen.
As I mentioned, I had the first hand experience and my life began to change when I started to open doors to looking at myself differently with love and kindness.
At present, I teach and help individuals learn about this practice and let them discover the reasons why I love this connection to our energy and the energy of the world. This made me personally think that a coach never stops from learning and studying techniques to help others.

My goal is to teach all my clients the techniques and be able to figure out the best things to do during difficult times. Real achievement requires unstoppable action – and unstoppable action requires passion. But when it comes to finishing, and doing what it takes to make your dream come true, this kind of peer pressure can be extremely effective.
So for me, this contributes to my personal development since I’ll be going outside my comfort zone to be like my heroes. We offer the art of coaching to calm the emotions and to help students increase their self confidence during these formidable years. Coaching inspires and motivates students by actively guiding and instilling the confidence to take risks and to face the challenges. Similarly, the world of life coaching has become firmly established, helping college students, career seekers, or empty nesters make life decisions as they face the crossroads ahead (Marklein, 2005; Guarino, 2004). As Alfie Kohn states, “ ‘Putting children first’ is an empty slogan if we watch passively while our schools are turned into test-prep centers,” (2005, p. The classrooms are hives of activity, with students preparing for discussion exercises where all voices are accountable and heard. A teacher has to think spontaneously, in an environment where dialogue is encouraged and provoked. What can better demonstrate the highest level of attainment in the learnig experience than the give and take of a dialogue, where teacher and students exchange ideas and information in a setting that teems with mutual respect and is done on a footing of equality. It might happen thatLydiahas a criterion that was not posted on the board that is essential to a fair and equitable assessment of the project being assigned.
Teachers who are closed to their own personal growth respond to these questions by stating that they only function at the highest level. More objective listening occurs at the third level where the teacher listens from the view of the student and makes inquiries. Sometimes students are stuck and need help to move forward so that they can complete the task at hand.
Just imagine calling the telephone company after a heavy storm, complaining that you can’t reach your 85 year old mother.
In this situation, a teacher as coach could come to the rescue, using the 3-Step Process (iPEC, 2005) that achieves great results.
The class was preparing a major discussion, with several perspectives, on the successes and failures of major hydroelectric projects throughout the world. I worked hard and I certainly believed that my struggles will result to something worthy and beautiful and that is to help others. I have undergone training for long years and I have worked with a medical doctor whose major teachings were emotions and how not lived and blocked emotions can create tensions and negative effects to the body paving way for illnesses.
I completely understand that there is no quick fix or magic to heal emotions at once so I work really hard to let my clients realize that the power to be happy lies in their hands.
Despite emotional problems, painful circumstances and adversity, I work hard to help my clients have a smooth emotional and personal transition.
In my opinion, I teach them to ride the waves of life with as much balance and harmony as possible. How to love ourselves and feel the wonderful power that love has to heal, to help, to give.
Your body stops at your shoulders, there’s just fresh air where your head used to be. It helps them deal with emotional, social, and physical changes that cause such a flux in their behavior. So, if coaching is becoming an integrated part of society, shouldn’t we be training our youth at an age when they are most ready to integrate it?
By accepting other viewpoints, students solve problems and conflicts through negotiation and compromise.
It is a place where the teacher as coach is comfortable enough to allow the students to make investigations on their own and to come to the table ready to have a discussion, debate, or simulation, where they have to perform and take risks in front of their peers.
If that is the case, she explains in detail the additional item being added to the list, and why it is so important for inclusion.Lydia and her students negotiate together and prioritize the four or five criteria for selection. However, while training Lydia and Kim, we all laughed together because there are times where we can function at the highest level, but admit to sometimes slipping inadvertently to the lowest when the environment becomes stressful. And finally, the teacher listens deeply at the highest level when behavioral and body cues are taken into account along with what the student states.  Therefore, the major difference between the lowest and highest levels of listening is when Kim andLydia concentrate objectively and emphatically on their students. At times, students just need to be acknowledged; other times the teacher as coach can guide them to move forward.
Normally, their response is that the storm wasn’t their fault and that they are trying their best; and to please calm down.
As she walked with Blanche back to the group she told her, “That’s a great idea, and it just might work. Not only would these skills resonate throughout the confines of the school, but they could also be extended to PTA organizations where the techniques could infiltrate into the home environment with beneficial results.
I also realized that I can help individuals even more by means of connecting to the source that would help me whenever me and my clients would be feeling low or down. Dialogue between teachers and students is constant, an egalitarian process that promotes respect, trust, and knowledge. But instead; after listening to you vent your anxieties, the customer representative states, “This must be a stressful time for you as you are unable to reach your elderly mother. The coach, working with the student, looks back upon similar situations to determine what has been successful, allowing the youngster to decide what exactly had made it successful, why it succeeded in the first place, and how that particular formula can be applied.
Orlov noticed that Blanche Polinski, a good student and usually very active, was focusing her attention that day on what was happening beyond the classroom window rather than on her work. After approximately 30 years of teaching, these techniques have defined us as educators like no other previous training. Behavioral problems in the classroom are few and rare, as teachers like Kim Trettor and Lydia Caprarella hone their skills at Life Sciences Secondary School in New York City. If you’re pleased with your drawings, do you think we could use them as a model to help others understand hydroelectric power? This was a step that improved our lives, our relationships, our teaching, and the way we viewed the world. They have found that due to increased student motivation and engagement, test scores have increased. Their principal, Genevieve Stanislaus, walks past their classrooms and she hears students talking content in a meaningful way.

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