Staring and running a business is often associated with loads of stress and negative emotions.
Often the mistakes we make at work leave bitter feelings and our passion for everything seems to get lost somewhere along the way.
The main reason why goal setting doesn’t really seem to work for most people is because they are just too broad. Once you have clear business goals setup, the obvious way to do is to prepare roadmap to follow to achieve them. Whether we like it or not, often we are unable to correctly identify the problems that prevent our business from being highly successful. Trying to do too much over too small periods of time is something pretty much every business owner has experienced. Confidence is essential to every successful business owner, but often gets lost along the way.
Posted on May 18, 2014 Written by Ahmed Al Akber Collecting customer feedback is one of the most important things management can do to improve their customer experience.
Actively listening to your customers and obtaining feedback is a must for any business looking to stay competitive and improve their business.
If you’d like to discuss applying our marketing and sales principles to your work, simply contact us by clicking this link. Is Your Action Plan Not Working – Try Simplifying ItDecember 15, 2015 Some marketing and sales plans work extremely well.
The change of mindset paves the road to failure and should be avoided at all costs, but often there isn’t anyone to help at these dark times.
With effective business coaching sessions, you can get independent point of view on every aspect within your organization and help rediscover the long lost passion that can help you achieve success.

With a professional business coach you will get much more clear vision on where you are heading and everything you need to do, to achieve your final goals.
This involves not only putting up actionable plan to follow, but also identifying the resources needed, the milestones that need to be achieved along the way and how everything fits with your everyday lifestyle. This is where probably where business coaches prove to be invaluable – they offer independent and neutral approach to your organization, which helps identify all blind spots and turn your attention right to solving the problems causing them.
The key to success here is to learn to be focused with your actions and make sure they help you move towards achieving your final goals, not the other way around.
A good business coach will help boost your sense of achievement by helping you deal with crucial aspects within your organization. Feedback can help guide your decision-making and point out subtle tweaks that may benefit your product or service. Before running a survey or focus group, be clear on the business goals behind collecting feedback. The best way to get objective, non-partial customer feedback is to hire a professional to help you obtain it. It’s amazing how many organizations don’t follow up after a customer survey to tell them what happens next. Once you have taken action, you’ll be able to improve your offering and use future feedback initiatives to continuously improve your offering. Such situations are something every entrepreneur needs to face on his own and manage to find solution, but with business coaching things can get much easier.
With professional business coach behind your back, you will be able to write down actionable plan for dealing with existing business situations and also make sure you are sticking to it in the long run.
The more work you manage to get done, the more confident you will feel about your own skills and decisions.

If your business is losing customers, you may want to use the survey to ask important, existing customers what they think and then ask a few past customers why they left.
Customers value their own time as much as anyone else, so limit your questions to a focused set that ask the most important things that you are willing to take action on.
Doing it yourself will be painfully inefficient and divert your attention from what you are supposed to be doing.
A customer may say you don’t have a big enough selection of products, so you can then work on expanding your inventory.
If a customer complains about a particular aspect of your product or service, then use this feedback as an opportunity to get back to them and rectify the situation.
Yet many organizations either collect feedback on an ad-hoc basis, or don’t collect feedback at all. Consultants can run customer feedback projects much quicker and more effectively, saving you the time and energy that you’ll need to focus on other core aspects of your business. Another customer may say that your staff are too slow, in which case you can offer training and provide them with tools to make them more productive.
In hiring any good consultant, you should expect a good understanding of where you stand in terms of your customer experience and an actionable set of recommendations that will significantly improve your business.

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