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LeBron James is considered by many as the “face of the NBA” for so many reasons, including his skills and feats on the court. The NBA has more recently transformed into a league of highly athletic, small forward players who can take up other positions around the court in an instant.
What makes him unique is that unlike many other star NBA players from the past and present, he doesn’t attempt to be the center of all action.
LeBron says that his return to Cleveland was to give his hometown fans that same feeling that a championship team can bring to a town. James is one of the few players to have been elected as the Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association. Whereas other players, perhaps upon advice of image consultants, have kept quiet on important issues of the day, LeBron hasn’t been afraid to speak up.
LeBron James is one of the most influential and accomplished NBA players in the last few decades. That time in life when we realise that what we've been doing all along may not be what truly works for us as individuals. He is one of those rare National Basketball Association (NBA) players whose opinions have significantly influenced key league decisions. He actively supports organizations like the Children’s Defense Fund, ONEXONE and Boys & Girls Club of America.
He uses his advanced athletic abilities to ensure that his teammates also get to play an important role in all games. After his successful stint at Miami, he would say that he could never think of going anywhere else except Cleveland.

He also owns a production company called SpringHill Entertainment along with Maverick Carter. According to him, he has always felt an obligation to bring change using his status as a star player and influential figure. For instance, his request for increasing the duration of the All-Star break in 2014 was accepted by the commission, Adam Silver. It were only the smaller perimeter players who are fast enough to stay with him but he also has the skills to put them out of their position.
In fact, LeBron also runs his own charity foundation which is named as the LeBron James Family Foundation. The Judd Apatow film received majority positive reviews with an approval rating of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a big feat in itself.
Cleveland, for a town with a professional baseball, basketball and football team, have gone the longest time without a championship team. Some of the works of this company include More than a Game (2009) which is a Lions Gate documentary, the Disney XD documentaries named Becoming, The LeBrons and the sitcom Survivor’s Remorse. Some of these issues included the War in Darfur, racist comments by Donald Sterling, the Trayvon Martin case, Eric Garner’s death, and the verdict in the case of Michael Brown. Rather something to embrace, a time to correct the mistakes made along the way as we gained the experience that gives us our wisdom. There is hardly any other athlete who has been as loved and hated, watched, studied and idolized as much as him in the past two decades. The bigger defenders are always concerned about guarding him because they typically don’t have the foot speed to stay with him on drives. At a time when coaches want to put out their best 5-man lineups, he can play all 5 traditional positions and brings a level of versatility that can send even the most seasoned opposition off track.

This Akron based foundation holds an annual bike-a-thon for raising funds for different causes. This American romantic comedy also stared Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Tilda Swinton, Colin Quinn, Ezra Miller, John Cena, Ezra Miller, Vanessa Bayer and Brie Larson. Many of his teammates note that playing with him is a big advantage, but it is not always easy.
Another unscripted series, hosted by James, is planned for CNBC that will finance four upcoming entrepreneurs from Northern Ohio if they’re selected based on their initiatives to revitalize Cleveland neighborhoods.
James went a step further with his charitable efforts by entering into a partnership with the University of Akron in 2015 to offer scholarships for 2,300 students. It is used by many other athletes such as Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots and Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. During his tenure with Miami, the Heat went on to win two titles with LeBron leading the way. He went further and gathered over 20,000 people for Barack Obama’s American Stories, American Solutions TV ad at the Quicken Loans Arena.
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