Every teacher in every content area, and every student is affected by the new Common Core State Standards which emphasize writing significantly more than ever before. We have designed our materials to be used in conjunction with our training workshops and coaching. The Write Tools specializes in providing training and coaching customized to fit your needs. Effective professional development involves in-depth, on-going training combined with on-site coaching, grade-level meetings, and demonstration lessons. 2 hour Parent Presentation (these are scheduled while our trainers are in town, often after school or in the evening. 3 days of training including 2 days of Narrative Training, and 1 day of Responding to Literature training, customized for Elementary audiences. 3 days of training with 2 days of Narrative Training, customized for Middle School, and High School audiences, and 1 day of in-depth training in Responding to Literature.

Onsite coaching goes hand in hand with training, offering long-term support that yields sustainable results. Feel confident knowing that all coaching is done onsite by a TWT trainer who has spent years applying The Write Tools’ strategies in their own classroom.
Partner with us to provide the missing piece to your literacy instruction — a strong writing program. The Write Tools has helped schools around the nation improve their writing instruction, increase student engagement, and improve test scores with Consistent, Systematic, Explicit Writing Instruction that includes Common Language, Common Strategies, and a Common Vision.
Why The Write Tools?The Write Tools training, coaching and materials equip teachers with comprehensive, progressive, research-based strategies to teach their students how to write with rich language and well-developed thoughts. The Write Tools training and coaching equip teachers with the necessary skills to implement a school- or district-wide approach to writing instruction that is clearly aligned to CCSS.
The Write Tools’ strategies will yield powerful results, but only if teachers know how to use them, when to use them, and are provided the opportunity to practice using them initially through in-depth training sessions, and later with a caring coach to provide constructive and insightful feedback.

Our training and coaching combines engaging workshops with follow-up demonstration lessons, coaching, and grade-level meetings to provide the in-depth staff development that will make your school the leader in writing instruction. The Write Tools wants to build on-going relationships with schools and districts to offer this type of successful professional development. Our strategies enable teachers to differentiate instruction for all levels of learners, and compliment any writing program already in place. To that end, we offer layers of training that can be customized to fit your school or district needs.

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