Whether you are new to teaching, new to a subject, or new to a grade level, it doesn’t matter. I specialize in helping teachers who are serious about getting everything in class to serve a purpose. With the right advice, assistance, materials, and accountability, you can stop trying different things. It all starts with an initial 30 minute coaching session (by phone or Skype) with Veronica Lopez, Your Teacher’s Coach.
Absolutely! Please see the testimonials from new teachers who have overcome fear and challenges with coaching.  The systems and processes you learn during coaching are listed in clear and easy to follow steps.  If you are committed to meeting the goals you identify during your coaching sessions, then you will succeed! Legal Disclaimer: Success as a teacher is based on your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities, and other variables we may or may not have considered. We specialise in delivering a variety of tailored Coaching Programs and Coach Certification Training Programs designed and tailored specifically for Team Leaders, Business Managers and Leaders. This Master Class is designed for managers, executives, team leaders and anybody wishing to create a supportive environment and coach their team more effectively.

This Coaching Skills Master Class provides guidance on the planning and delivery of coaching and its application and effectiveness within a variety of workplace environments.
Unless stated otherwise, all open Master Classes are held at our central UK venue in Preston which is within easy reach of the motorway and rail networks. If you require further information please call 01772 611115 or 020 7100 1331 and speak to one of our course advisors who will be happy to help. Gain confidence and lead your students to the most effective learning experiences you can possibly provide. The Success Coaching technique facilitates ‘Whole-is-tic’ Whole Brain Thinking and optimum functioning for peak performance, increased productivity, achievement of goals and success. It involves deliberate and specific activities that are designed to help people develop their skills by learning on the job. Delegates will benefit from practice and feedback that is geared to develop skills and build confidence in a supportive environment.
We use purpose-built training rooms and facilities that enable the training to be conducted in a relaxed stress free atmosphere, conducive to effective and focussed learning.

If this is the case, the date and location will be shown in the Master Class title bar at the top of this synopsis page.
There are so many conflicting ideas about how to make sure everything in your classroom serves a purpose. My process is based on your strengths and is designed to work with your personal teaching style. A good coach leads highly productive teams who are keen to learn new skills and as a result significantly increase the cost effectiveness and efficiency of their department and organisation.

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