Working with iPad in schools and colleges week in, week out, we test out hundreds of apps to see just how they can benefit learners. As well as the obvious application in PE for sports analysis, Coach’s Eye is great in any subjects based around analysing processes, especially science.
The best thing about Coach’s Eye, by far, is the fact you can record a voiceover independently from editing the video. As the name implies, Coach’s Eye is primarily aimed at sports trainers who want to analyse their athlete’s performance. You can also import existing video clips from sources such as iPhoto on a Mac, Dropbox or email attachments, and I’ve used it to examine quite a few clips of Roger Federer’s forehand in the forlorn hope of improving my own technique.
The clever part of the app is that it includes some simple annotation tools that allow you to draw onto the moving video image in order to highlight particular actions. The slow-mo option works well – and would probably be fun for non-sporty videos as well, such as children’s parties or adults falling over drunk and suchlike.
There’s also an option to record your own explanatory voiceovers, and once you’ve finished working on a clip you can store it in the iPhone’s own camera roll, upload it to YouTube or to the developer’s own servers, and then email or text a link to your friends. Professional ‘telestrators’ that allow you annotate video footage can cost hundreds of pounds so Coach’s Eye is a bargain.
Most data breaches, including many of the highest-profile instances, are the direct result of hackers’ actions going undetected for several months. Boost productivity and improve both employee and customer experiences by improving application performance to the edge of the enterprise in this white paper.
This week we are featuring another iPad app, Coach’s Eye, which has been purchased for use with the iPad cart in the Technology Resource Checkout.
The camera connection kit allows you to use a SD card from a camera or the camera itself with a USB cord to load pictures and videos directly to the iPad. If you want to show off your video analysis to your friends, Coach’s Eye also has the option to post the video to a social networking site or through a text message if you are using an iPhone or Android to use this app.

If you are still unsure on how to complete tasks within Coach’s Eye, click here to see tutorials. To begin analyzing a video find the video on the opening screen of coach’s eye or upload a video by touching the plus button in the upper right hand corner.
Once you have picked a video to review you can preview, favorite, analyze, or share the video.
Make sure that you familiarize your self with the video as well as the tools within the program before you begin recording.
In order to record your voice comments and what you mark up you must click the red record button at the top of the screen. As pictured to the right you will find a toolbar on the bottom left hand side of the screen.
If you want to choose a different color for any of the tools you can do this by double clicking the tool. Students can provide evidence of their own work, and you can analyse their thought processes by noting which parts of their video they found important to annotate, slow down and explain. Students work in groups to design and build bridges made from paper straws, then test their strength by applying weights to different stress points.
So, students can speed up sections and add freeze frames as they’re speaking, rather than recording the video part and adding their analysis over the top. It allows the coach to record clips of the athlete and to play them back using its slow-mo option to examine their technique in detail.
You can do this in real-time as you play the video or record a new copy of the video that stores the annotations for later review.
The scrubbing control works smoothly too, making it easy to pinpoint the precise actions that you want to focus on. You don’t have to be a professional coach to appreciate it either, as amateurs such as myself will enjoy using it to shoot videos of friends and teammates, or to analyse clips of their sporting heroes.

For those faculty working with student teachers, this app might be helpful in watching some of the sample teaching videos and giving feedback for students.
Coach’s Eye allows you to draw on the video to highlight something of interest in the video such as a teacher’s eye contact or the angle of a golfer’s arm. The allows a user to skip the step of downloading a video from an email or using another service like Dropbox to retrieve the video. The first to get the Jigsaw24 Education treatment is Coach’s Eye – an app designed for video analysis in PE, but which is equally suited to any subject where students need to review evidence of processes, especially in science. You can then really easily share the finished analysis by signing up for a free online Coach’s Eye account and upload the video (either publicly or privately) on the site, or share via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Goodreader or any other number of services. They can use Coach’s Eye to record the resulting destruction, applying a voiceover and annotation to explain the weak points of the bridge, and how they would strengthen them in future.
Coach’s Eye packages it all up as a single file ready to be shared with staff and peers. Stop by the Interactive Multimedia Lab in Horrabin 104 to make a reservation or call 298-3076. Other applications include using the app to analyze video of a golf swing or swimming stroke. Another great feature is the ability to either record your own video with one of the built-in iPad cameras, or to import video from a source that you already own.
With importing your own video, you can open a file that has been emailed or imported to the iPad via iTunes when connected to a computer.
Another option for importing video for analysis is to use a camera connection kit like the one pictured below.

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