There are a variety of specific archery and general sports resources available designed to help coaches learn and improve their coaching.
Share the 'A to Z of Archery' with your archers to give them a quick introduction to the finger tab, grip, release aid, compound scope, compound cams, recurve sight and recurve limb. A variety of videos showcasing sports coach UK's workshops and discussing topics in coaching. Olympic Coach Lloyd Brown introduces coaches working with intermediate archers to specific techniques, drills and skills to help their archers shoot from a better position of strength, alignment and posture.
Guide to employment status of coaches - contains advice and support from industry experts to ensure that as a sports coach you have the correct knowledge and information about your employment status. Meet other coaches and learn from sports coach UK specialists on workshops including mentoring, analysing your coaching, planning & periodization, how to coach disabled people in sport, plus many more. Talent Coaches Breakfast Clubs take place across the UK to provide coaches with relevant topics of discussion, expert speakers and the opportunity to share thoughts, challenges and solutions with other coaches working.
Clubs Leaders (England and Northern Ireland only) provides free support in business, financial planning, marketing, facilities management and governance for sports clubs. English Federation of Disability Sport - find relevant research, key statistics and information on disabled people in sport and physical activity.
Coaches need to complete a child protection course in order to have an Archery GB coaching licence.
County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) are networks of local agencies committed to working together to increase participation in sport and physical activity.

Once you have gained the Advisor certificate please contact Stephanie Kelly at Archery GB so that our records may be updated. Employment Status of Coaches - This guide from sports coach UK contains advice and support from industry experts to ensure that as a sports coach you have the correct knowledge and information about your employment status. Archery GB is the trading name of the Grand National Archery Society, a company limited by guarantee no. Coach’s Eye provides the most effective way for anyone to coach or learn form and technique. They are of particular interest to high-performing coaches with an interest in talent development or emerging athletes. The factsheets have been produced by the The National Disability Sport Organisations (NDSOs), which is a collection of six sports charities.
There are a range of courses available, for example sports coach UK's Safeguarding and Protecting Children or the NSPCC's online course. The iPhone version has proved immensely popular and this week the app has been updated, is now a universal app, and has a full iPad version. Improve your pitcher’s fastball, straighten your golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills, or even demonstrate weightlifting form. These coaches are expected to be working within clubs, regional and age-group athletes, depending on the structure of their sport.
Courses provided by schools, local authorities and other reputable organisations are also accepted.

The resources available are tailored to your role and to the level of athletes you work with. Coach’s Eye is the easiest to use video analysis software ever made and it’s packed with amazing capabilities. You will be amazed at how easy it is to identify and review technique or play execution.• REVIEW ON BIG SCREEN. Use Coach’s Eye to review video on your TV monitor or projector through AirPlay and Apple TV, or a HDMI connection.
Your voice will be synced to the video’s slow motion, scrubbing and drawn annotations.• IMPORT VIDEO. Import existing video from your device’s Camera Roll, via email, or directly from the Dropbox app.
Give your video a name that is specific to the athlete, drill, or activity being recorded.SIMPLE VIDEO SHARING• EMAIL or TEXT MESSAGE videos directly to coaches, athletes or parents.
Share your videos directly to the Dropbox app for easy syncing between devices and desktops.• CAMERA ROLL.

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