No advice for how to study in college will help you if you have unanswered questions come exam time.
For some people, that means listening to heavy metal in a busy cafe; for others, it’s at home rocking out to Mozart. We know; sleep is for the weak, and you’ll miss out on all kinds of partying and the “college experience” if you tuck in early.
Sign up to get the latest student products deals that I share ONLY with my private subscribers. The online university UniversityNow is offering a way for working adults to get a college degree at literally no cost to its students. Lucky high school students can scrape together enough scholarships and grants to cover a hefty portion of their college tuition. The federal limit for giving employees tuition reimbursement without being taxed is $5,250 per year. The mayors of the three cities involved are promoting the initiative with a series of talks, convening business and civic leaders.

UniversityNow plans on rolling out the College Works Initiative to the rest of the country soon.
There are 100 reasons why you should attend your lectures, but the bottom line is, you know you need to do it. You aren’t always going to know how to organize your notes while you’re frantically scribbling during class. Coursework will uncover questions you might have, and help the material stick in your mind. Your study buddies can give you fresh ways of thinking about a topic and (usually) help keep you focused on the course. Plus, your professors will be much busier as the exams approach, and won’t have as much time to dedicate to the answers. The best method is to review your materials after every class, but if that just doesn’t fit your schedule, study a little bit every day for the week that leads up to your exam.
That’s often where employers will cap reimbursement, giving employees facing college tuitions that cost tens of thousands of dollars each year little hope.

Rewriting notes when you get home will give your notes clarity, and will help with your retention of the material.
Plus, graded coursework will give you some extra grades to fall back on if you don’t do so hot on the exams. If you’ve never studied a day in your life, or if you just want to brush up on your study skills, follow this guide to how to study in college. The schools are cheap compared to traditional universities—New Charter is $199 per month for unlimited classes (including e-textbooks). Your professor isn’t perfect, and he or she may have forgot to mention something in the lectures that will be critical on the exam.
But UniversityNow is going a step further, making it possible for a significant portion of the working adult population to get a degree from Charter or Patten for free.

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