Wigton Moor Primary School is delighted to be a school capable of developing leadership skills and has been recognized as such by the National College for Teaching & Leadership. All new head teachers have to have the National professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).
The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences roadmap: declaration, values, and drivers for change.
To be one of the top five Colleges of Agricultural Sciences in the US and an international leader in understanding the natural and human systems underlying agricultural and natural resource sciences, translating that understanding to enhance quality of life, and educating the leaders of today and the future.
Passionately pursuing excellence and innovation across all functions, using a team approach for solving complex problems that serve the common good.
Putting Science to Work -- Effectively discovering and translating relevant research and science to solve real world problems related to the interface of the food and fiber system, ecosystem, and socioeconomic system.
This lack of a coherent knowledge base presents a major challenge for graduate leadership programs if they are truly meeting the students’ needs for professional preparation. Leaders of the Colorado community college system, including presidents, vice presidents of instruction, and system staff, have assisted in pilot testing this profile and developing baseline norms for each position. In the 1990s, many colleges have been forced to do more with less as governments nationally downsize. Once the composite was assembled, the expert panel was reconvened in Atlanta in April 1996 at the AACC annual convention.
The 21st Century Education Leader Project is based not only on the profile developed in Orlando, but also on the occupational personality questionnaire originally developed in 1984 in the United Kingdom by Saville and Holdsworth, Ltd. The OPQ, which was introduced in the United States in 1989, has been adapted for use in more than 20 countries and is used by more than 1,000 companies worldwide in the areas of staff selection, development, and evaluation. Community colleges in Kentucky, Texas, and Florida have utilized the OPQ primarily in their business and industry training centers to serve small businesses.
The OPQ provides an objective assessment of an individual’s preferred work style in the areas of relationships with others, thinking styles, and feelings and emotions. Overall match on personality attributes for Colorado community college presidents using aggregate scores with the 21st Century Educational Leader Profile is shown in Figure 3.
Aggregate scores for vice presidents and current doctoral students are not as close a match as the Colorado presidents to the 21st Century Educational Leader Profile.
Other key community college leadership positions are being profiled to establish a baseline for further study. Once the 21st Century Educational Leader Project has been fully developed, attention will be given to other areas of the public sector that have an equal need for leadership development and evaluation. The College of New Jersey will be holding a campus based session of the The LeaderShape® Institute for the third time in January 2017. LeaderShape® is a nationally recognized six-day experience that challenges participants to explore identity development and inclusive leadership. Wigton Moor is now part of the schemeto train prospective Head teachers to the highest quality.

Fostering diversity, multicultural understanding, cross cultural competency and an atmosphere of mutual respect. Teaching and Learning by Doing -- Engaging students, scientists, leaders, and employees in lifelong experiential learning to increase their preparedness and effectiveness to solve real world problems. David Pierce, president of the American Association of Community Colleges, has stated that an important contribution could be made to community colleges if it were possible to identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies community college presidents need to be successful in the next century. The Association of Community College Trustees has worked with a pilot community college to incorporate the profile into the college’s presidential search process.
Early graduates of the Kellogg leadership programs were called upon to be builders and creators of community colleges. The 21st century will bring further challenges for community college leaders as colleges rely more on technology to serve students with on-demand learning. Fourteen leaders in community college education (see Figure 1) were invited to participate. There the panel members were asked to review the material for merit before the project progressed any further. The development of the OPQ was supported by 53 organizations in the public and private sector, which contributed approximately $3.5 million to offset the expenses of developing and testing the OPQ. Florida Community College at Jacksonville was the first community college to utilize the OPQ with its professional staff in its Women and Minority Leadership Program.
After an individual has taken the OPQ, the SHL Human Resource Management System matches the OPQ to the University of Florida Institute of Higher Education’s 21st Century Educational Leader Profile. Aggregate scores for the leadership styles for the Colorado community college presidents are shown in Figure 4.
The Institute cooperated this past fall with the Community College Business Officers, an affiliate council of AACC, in developing baseline data for the chief business officer.
Campbell is professor and director, Community College Leadership Consortium, University of Florida, which sponsors the Community College Futures Assembly. Leverty is associate director of the Askew Institute on Politics and Society, and head of the Field Committee of the Public Administration Program, University of Florida. Students work towards developing a blueprint plan that includes discussions on how to lead with integrity™ and have a healthy disregard for the impossible. LeaderShape® is open to all students who are interested and dedicated to learning about leadership and how to become a better leader. Demonstrating integrity, honesty, openness, shared responsibility and mutual accountability.
The project provides a work profile for community college presidents of the 21st century, which can be used in leadership development and selection. Results are also being analyzed in an effort to modify the graduate curriculum of the community college leadership program at the, University of Florida. In the early 1980s, community colleges began being regarded nationally as an in-place delivery system for workforce development as a result of the downturn in the economy.

Care was taken to ensure the participants represented the wide spectrum of community colleges in the United States. These organizations were interested in a more effective way of developing, selecting, and evaluating their own organizational personnel. However, until this project started, no one had utilized the process to develop a work profile for our own profession. An Attribute Based Person-Job Match Report is generated, which compares the candidate to attributes that are ranked as essential, important, and other.
The current Colorado leader is very similar to the profile envisioned for the 21st century community college president. These results will also be of assistance in advising and constructing a student’s graduate education program of study and for formulating professional development plans for anyone aspiring to be a community college president. Presidents from the Continuous Quality Improvement Network and the Board of the National Council of Instructional Administrators have been invited as cosponsors of the 1997 Community College Futures Assembly to help develop a profile of their respective positions. Engaging students and stakeholders through listening, experiential learning and problem solving. Engaging stakeholders to ensure that solutions are actually distributed, implemented, evaluated, and improved through feedback. The purpose this article is to review the process of the development of the profile and share some of the preliminary results and plans for further development. Panel members included trustees, presidents, chief instructional officers, business officers, and faculty. Viewed alone, the tasks identified by the panel differ little from the general tasks outlined in most leadership literature. In addition to use within the state, The Institute of Higher Education is also using the Colorado data to assist in establishing baseline norms nationally for leadership positions in community colleges.
Valuing and Building Diverse Partnerships -- Bringing diverse teams of stakeholders to the table to facilitate relevant, comprehensive and collaborative solutions that are developed by defining and leveraging the emerging issues, opposing viewpoints, concerns, strengths, and knowledge of all partners.
Les Krieger, a consultant with Saville and Holdsworth, Ltd., worked with the panel to construct the job objectives and tasks for community college presidents, which were in turn broken into specific general activities. However, when individual assessment scores on the occupational personality questionnaire are matched to the leadership profile, the initial results are impressive. Leveraging Unique National Networks -- Aggressively participating in and leveraging the expertise, resources, and opportunities of the unique, national land grant system that includes partnerships with land grant and other institutions, USDA, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and other governmental agencies.
Participants then ranked not only the priority of tasks, but the proportionate amount of time that a president should spend on each activity.
Following the meeting of the panel, Jerry Wartgow, president of the Colorado Community College and Occupational Education System, saw sufficient potential in the project to suggest that Colorado be the first state to pilot the profile.

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