Have plenty of room on your paper, even using 11x17 inch sheets if possible, though standard notebook paper can be used. Gira: You taught enlisted military personnel, and this experience compelled you to put your Study Smart Study Less book together.
Crossman: I am genuinely excited about the work AVID continues to do with students and teachers around the world. Crossman: Starting well means understanding the playing field and the resources, and then beginning to set clear and measurable expectations as a student.

Crossman: College teaches skills that are important for developing critical thinking and the ability to adapt to new information and ways of communicating, both of which are critical in our swiftly changing technological age.
Now-a-days, the young people find it necessary to access a career center online, so that it helps shaping up their professional identity in the coming future with grace and confidence.
I tried so hard to help them set attainable goals and motivate them to believe success could truly be their reality, but there was something about the distractions of their peer group that I couldn’t beat.
In some ways, Study Smart, Study Less is a way reaching students from all backgrounds so they can empower themselves to make their own future no matter what district, classroom, or home life has been handed them.

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