This is the first time in a few years the NYL has advertised "Win for Life," which recently got redesigned tickets and a new price point.
Featured Profile BtoB marketing requires cutting-edge sophistication to reach clients in real time.
The seminar was all about turning the mobile phone into a remote control that can control various applications on your laptop, PC or even servers. The institute has organized a Thalassemia Detection Camp on 20th April 2011 in association with Indian Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad. The Outstanding Faculty Mentors recognition is TGMC's honor for faculty of various colleges and universities. SRIMCA has organized four Days Certification Training Program on IBM Certified Associate System Administrator Lotus Notes and Domino 8 Certification (LOT-847) from 11-14 March 2011. Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application has organized 3 days DB2 - 9 Fundamentals (302) Certification Workshop during 22-24 March 2011. During the three days training session all the students enjoyed the lectures and lab sessions very much. As a part of the pioneering initiative of the Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD), Vadodara to acquaint the delegates from Industry and Academia regarding the innovative HR practices and training methodologies, our Asst. Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application, Uka Tarsadia University, has organized an expert talk on "IT and Architecture - huh!" on 19th March, 2011. The talk was based on the little known but very crucial aspect of IT that is IT Architecture.
Defining the IT Architecture, he said that it is an organized set of consensus decisions on policies & principles, services & common solutions, standards & guidelines as well as specific vendor products used by IT providers both inside and outside the Information Technology Branch. Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application has organized 4 days IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 System Admin Operating Fundamentals (LOT-847) training program during 11-14 March 2011. During the four days training session participants enjoyed the lectures and lab sessions very much. The session was on the topic of "Human Relation and communication" - A Management perspective was addressed by Mr.
Computer Society of India, Bardoli Student Branch Celebrated the 46th CSI Foundation Day at SRIMCA, Tarsadi.
In line with its mission, to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community, events related to Information Technology were organized. CSI Foundation Day Celebration was a day of learning with full of fun, excitement and cut-throat competition. SRIMCA SPORTS COMMITTEE has organized its "Three Days Sports Competition - 2011" during February 27th to March 1st for which the students from faculties like MCA, MBA & BCA entered in it with "dare to win".
These three Days of Sports Event were really a memorable experience for students as well as Faculties. Total 5104 students appeared in MBA 3rd Semester GTU Examination which included 51 students of SRIMCA. Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application has organized 3 days DB2 - 9 Fundamentals (302) training program during 25-27 February 2011. During the three days training session participants enjoyed the lectures and lab sessions very much. The NCTDS 2011, National Conference on Technology Driven Society and PRAYAAS, Annual Inter Collegiate Students meet of IT and Management students was organized at Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application (SRIMCA) of Maliba Campus, Uka Tarsadia University, Bardoli on the 11th and 12th of February. The National Conference was inaugurated with prayers and lamp lighting ceremony in the gracious presence of renowned people of the IT industry, CSI and management members of the University. As many as 137 research papers were received from nationwide, and 53 of them were selected for the proceedings. PRYAAS 2011, the IT and Management students meet had participation from more than 20 different Institutes across the state and as many as around 200 participants. The IT contests included - Relay Race, Code Complete, Ride Begins with Pride, Animation and project Presentations. Both post graduate and undergraduate students of IT and Management from as many as 20 Institutions across the state participated in the various contests with a lot of zeal and vigour. It is noteworthy that earlier in January, 2010 , he was also nominated for the "ISTD - Vivekananda National Award for Excellence in HRD & Training", wherein he secured a place in the Top 15 National Level Trainers ; at par with other 14 top notch corporate trainers as well as consultants in India.
The campus students and faculty members had the opportunity to listen to the guest speaker- IAS Offcier, Mr. His lecture was zealous and full of inspiring quotes and examples of real life and personal experiences. He also encouraged the girls by making them aware of the reservations and relaxations available.
Concluding, he said that we should try the career option for our society at large and should plan accordingly. Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application organized Expert Talk on "Object Oriented Concept" which was conducted by Dr. Giving practical instances of the challenge of attracting the right kind of people in to the organization, the speaker discussed the problems of availability and employability of available human resources, adhering to set parameters of recruiting, training the manpower, creating conducive working environment, managing the work culture diversity and other issues. The speaker also specified the need for the organization to focus on the need for "Learning" to happen in terms of using the tool of "Training" for implementing the same.
Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application organized Expert Talk on "Net Banking" which was conducted by Dr. 2, featuring a Nana who doubles up as a smothering, concerned grandmother, providing tips on living safely (so she can get a piece of those winnings!). Explaining how it works, he told that the PC which you want to control remotely must be connected with Internet. The objective of the camp was to bring the awareness about Thalassemia and Sickle cell diseases and about its prevention. In the film the expert has given some basic information regarding Thalassaemia, its treatment procedure and preventive measures. All other students of the campus have been already tested for the same.A counseling session was also arranged for the students who were tested positive for Thalassemia minor, sickle cell trait and hemoglobin anemia. The objective of the certification workshop is to provide an exposure to current trends in IT Industry, through IBM Academic Initiative. During the three days, participants got in-depth knowledge of IBM's flagship Relational Database Product DB2. Dharmendra Bhatti has explained the various levels of DB2 Certification Examination and its importance. By taking a very live example of our own campus and campus portal, he explained what it really mean by IT Architecture, where it fits in the system development and deployment cycle, what development and deployment issues, mainly non-functional requirements, are addressed by it.
He discussed the role of an IT Architect and briefly described various skill sets that are required to become an IT Architect.
The objective of the training program is to provide an exposure to IBM Lotus Notes Domino System Administration through IBM Academic Initiative.
During the four days, participants got in-depth knowledge of IBM Lotus Notes Domino System Administration.
Kunal conducted the following topics on second day: Installation and Configuration, Platform Support, Demo, Lab.
Kunal discussed the following points on Sunday: Lotus Domino Security, Managing and Maintaining Domino Infrastructure, Lotus Domino Mail Routing, Lotus Domino Replication, and Demo and Lab. Kunal discussed the following topics on last day: Domino and DB2 Integration, Extending Lotus Domino Environment, Monitoring and Troubleshooting. Student got the conceptual and practical knowledge, with pleasant smiling trainer throughout all sessions. Total above 250 students appeared in MCA 5th Semester VNSGU Examination which included 64 students of SRIMCA.

The Cricket match between Winner Team and Faculty Team was a real battle & centre of attention, in which finally the student's team won the match. Total 2111 students appeared in MCA 3rd Semester GTU Examination which included 49 students of SRIMCA. The objective of the training program is to provide an exposure to current trends in IT Industry, through IBM Academic Initiative. Manohar Chandwani , Professor and Director, Department of Computer Engineering, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Devi Ahalya University Indore and also a key member of CSI. Around 75 participants attended the conference thereby fulfilling the objective of the institution to bring together researchers, professionals, academicians having expertise in latest technologies to share their knowledge with the society.
The two day event had eleven different IT and Management contests including paper presentations.
The Management contests included Biz Quiz, Role plays, Scene and mean, online simulation game of trading "stock 20-20", advertisement making contest "ADicitive" and Treasure hunt.
The students had an opportunity to interact with each other and learn and share their experience. The participants of conference, paper presenters and winners of the contests were given their trophies and certificates in the presence of key personnel of the University management team including Shri B. Thakkar vividly explained, exemplified, demonstrated and convinced the Jury Members comprising of seasoned professionals from industry and prestigious academic institutions like IIMA; about his unique training methodology, content delivery based on Synergogy approach of training and intelligent use of ancient wisdom to impart the desired learning. Odhia gave an insight to the students towards aspiring for the career as an IAS, IPS and IFS. The students and faculty members had a thrilling experience in the brief encounter with Mr. The page asks you to let Nana snoop around your profile and peruse it to to see if you're living a safe and healthy life.
Initial discussion has spread awareness about various industry certifications among students. Participants got knowledge in depth and simultaneously shaped up for certification examination. Professor, Department of Economics, VNSGU, Surat delivered talk on Questionnaire design and its relationship with data analysis to the students of FYMBA. Hemant Patel, has very rightly pointed out that IT Architect, whether it is system architect, security architect or solution architect, are the hottest IT job roles in the USA. As part of IBM Academic Initiative, total 65 Students and 3 faculty members benefited through this training program. He has discussed about Hierarchical Naming, Domino Security Model, Various Access Control Mechanism in Domino, and Database Security Levels. It has arrange for SYMBA students intended just because, very little time is now available with them to jump into corporate jungle where by the effective communication and managing and maintaining good human relation would be important aspects. Screening round of the contest was conducted through in which more than 12 teams were participated of different faculties like MCA, BCA and Engineering Department. Sports included both indoor and outdoor games like chess, carom, volleyball, kabaddi, table tennis, cricket (boys and girls both).
As part of IBM Academic Initiative, total 60 Students and 5 faculty members benefited through this training program. Thrimurthy, in his message to the participants and students, said that the need of the industry, market and the society at large is to find solutions to issues and problems.
In a presentation-discussion-interview of 70 minutes, he was also asked to train the jury members through his "I" methodology, which was very well delivered by him and publically appreciated by the expert members during the Award Felicitation Ceremony also.
The session was honoured with the presence of Directors of all Institutes of the Campus along with Mr.
In his words - The three "S" that are important for an individual are 'Security, Stability and Status'.
He emphasized the need for creating a positive environment and developing a positive attitude. How one should be classifying the news as of being of international, national, regional and local level, and on how one could explore to gain knowledge beyond the news. It was not scholarly skills but human and all round skills that are essential and academic excellence does not always indicate the success of an individual in this area. In that session, students have gain knowledge about net banking, latest technology used in net banking and phishing. He has shown the various setting required for it and gave a live demo in which he shut down a laptop by just sending an SMS. Total 57 Students and 3 faculty members appeared in the examination and secured 100% result. Controller of legal Metrology and Consumer affairs officer, Surat and Tapi Dist., to the students of MBA. He has explained basic concepts and importance of transaction, various locks and isolation levels supported by DB2. He explained various preventive steps that a researcher has to undertake to prepare good questionnaire. Thakkar was invited as one of the "Resource Person" for the Training Programme on "Innovative HR Interventions".
Followed by this students have also performed installation and configuration of Lotus Domino.
Kunal has explain how to enables Notes applications, Why Domino & DB2, two supported configurations for Domino and DB2: local or remote, etc. The focus of the session on shaping ones' communication and effective managing and maintaining good human relation with mix of theory and practicalities by game playing. It is right time to address the students regarding the use of statistics for research because, just after few weeks they are going to handle out there summer research based project whereby application of statistics in research is almost important. Thakkar for conducting "2-Day FDP on Effective Teaching Methodology" for training the Degree Engineering Faculty Members of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology.
By eliminating six teams the quiz competition started in Shrimad hall in front of audience with a technical question round and followed by image identifying round.
Thakkar won the "2nd Best Research Paper Award" at the 3-Day International Conference on HRM at Ganpat University, Mehsana organized in collaboration with the Victoria University of Australia. Thakkar was recently invited as a Trainer at the renowned ESSAR Steel Ltd., Hazira-Surat to train and develop their Executives & Engineers. Thrimurthy - President, Computer Society of India was the chief Guest of the event, Shri Bhagubhai Patel, President of the event and BPKM, Shri Kiritbhai Patel - Secretary, BPKM , Dr. It is not the level of technology but the analysis of the need and accordingly provision of solution, which is important. Thakkar has crossed one more milestone by securing the prestigious National Level "Innovative Trainer Award". Giving the example of - bumble bee, which aerodynamically shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee does not know so it goes on flying, he tried to convey the message of putting efforts without a feeling of failure. It needed very little time of an individual to maintain the practise and keep oneself up-dated. Thakkar was invited as a "Resource Person" for training the Maths & Science Teachers of Surat District at the Teachers' Training Camp organized by the Surat District Secondary Education Teachers' Association.
As part of IBM Academic Initiative, total 59 Students benefited through this training program. Comparison of various models and in-depth discussion on relational model was carried out in first session.
In discussion of deadlock trainer has invited two students on the stage and demonstrated how deadlock occurs and its consequences. He has been working in the IT industry for past 31 years in various positions like Application Development, Management, Infrastructure Engineering and Architecture.

The speaker rightly highlighted the basics of research, preparation one should make before jump into research, how systematically one can go for research.
In this round there were lots of surprise images of different personalities who contributed in IT development and logos of different company and product along with identifying the punch line of different reputed IT companies, which made it very exciting and live for both participants and audience. Girls also contributed in boys dominating game like kabaddi with full enthusiasm & confidence.
Out of 129 researchers of prestigious academic institutions and renowned corporate houses from across the world, Mr. Addressing the IT and Management students, he advised them to exchange their level of skills and integrate the same for analysis to solve issues and to create new platforms. As a part of the hitherto attempt of the Indian Society for Training Development (ISTD) - the apex National Level Association for Training & Development; to encourage talented individuals contributing to the domain through innovative training methodologies, Mr.
Thakkar for coming up with such a hitherto methodology of using the preaching of Vedas, Upanishads and Religious Epics to train and develop people and that too with the spices of the inherent masti and magic of the Bollywood Movies. The status of being in a position to make a difference, the status of being of help to the underprivileged, the ignorant people who have equal right to grow and participate in growth. Serving as one of the eminent speakers for the 3rd time in a Teachers' Training Programme, Mr.
But people with Thalassemia disease are not able to make enough hemoglobin, which causes severe anemia. She had taken the initiative to encourage and guide the students to participate in TGMC 2010. Adding to that, he has highlighted some important preventive measures that every consumer has to take so that they can fight for their rights against the seller who have cheated them. The sessions were enriched by the real life examples supported to teach concepts of questionnaire design and problems that usually researcher makes in preparing questionnaire which lead problem for data analysis. Thakkar shared his insights regarding the need, relevance and increasing use of audio-visual aids as a part of training methodology across the globe. Adding to that, his focus was also on various tools , techniques and test which one can use in research by using software SPSS. Thakkar shared his thoughts that in the changed scenario of higher education, the teachers must be constantly changing & innovating, reinventing themselves at internet speed to stay ahead of the unprecedented changes in their respective knowledge domain and the continually shifting demands and expectations of the students & potential employers. More than 300 students participated in sports day making one of the most memorable events of SRIMCA. Thakkar received this award for his paper entitled "Assessment of Quality of Work Life (QWL) of Paramedical Staff".
He also gave them insight and idea of new projects that could be undertaken by the students in their local vicinity, village and town.
Thakkar won this award for his unique "I" Methodology of Training - the New Age Training Tool" as well as his pioneering contributions in the Training & Development field.
Thakkar addressed the august gathering on "Stress Management" and "Innovative Teaching Methods". With several real life illustrations merged with research support from published literature, he focused on the use of very popular, enriching and equally result oriented training method - the "Movie Based Training Method". He is having several certifications to his credit such as Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCSD), Microsoft Certified Data Base Administrator (MCDBA), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - MCSE, Project Management - Project+, IT Architecture - TOGAF 8, ATAM Evaluator, OMG-Certified Systems Modeling Professional - Model User, OMG-Certified Systems Modeling Professional - Model Builder - Fundamental. With that the second competition of "Relay Race with C" started in which 20 teams participated. The delegates as well as the eminent judges publically appreciated the depth of the content, conceptual clarity, the research methodology and more importantly the inimitable style of presentation.
He made them aware of the platform available in CSI and the resources that could be utilized. Thakkar brought glory to the institute by winning this National Award from several nominees and big shots of renowned companies. Through various illustrations from the day-to-day life of a teacher, he made them realize that stress is "SAD", that is, Self Acquired Disease.
When there is not enough hemoglobin in the red blood cells, oxygen cannot get to all parts of the body. Jignasa Prajapati has been identified as an Outstanding Faculty Member by IBM of 22 faculties from all over India. In the third session trainer has explain working with databases and various database objects. In total, he presented 4 Research Papers at this International Conference, and with this award, one more time; he has made us feel proud. Hariyani who enthusiastically participated in the Conference and enriched themselves with the invaluable insights shared by the eminent experts from renowned academic institutions like IIMA, Nirma University-Ahmedabad, CEPT University-Ahmedabad, Victoria University-Australia, Pandit Deen Dayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar and top notch corporate heads from Adani Group, Excel Industries and many more.
With several role plays of real life business situations, he made them clear that "what you speak" is surely important; but "how you speak" is even more important. The management members of the Uka Tarsadia University look forward to more such events in near future for enhancing the process of knowledge base exchange. This recognition has surely paved the way for him to become a distinguished personality from academic field with proven competencies as a trainer also. After analyzing various stressors, he also guided them on how to maintain work-life balance to live a healthy, happier and satisfying life, while contributing best to the society by imparting quality education. Kunal explained following points: Introduction to IBM Lotus Notes Domino, Essential Concepts, Understanding Domino Environment, and Planning Domino Infrastructure.
Thakkar could guide the august gathering on variety of issues concerning overall effectiveness of a teacher and received wide round of applause from more than 120 faculty members of the CE & IT departments of the Degree Engineering Institute. After a very cut throat competition between all the 20 teams the judges finally declared the results for the competition. So, one must understand the power of positive body language and assimilate the same while communicating. The valedictory function was concluded in the gracious presence of the management members of UTU and the academic team of SRIMCA.
In his second talk, he encouraged the teachers to experiment with their teaching methodology and be creative to foster learners' motivation at the highest level. The highly interactive programme assisted the participants to achieve breakthrough thinking and explore the tremendous potential within and communicate effectively.
His insights on teaching the very famous "Pythagoras Theorem" were applauded by all the trainees including the high level officials of the association. They also need to take injections daily to bring down high levels of iron in the body, a direct result of all those transfusions.
On first day students performed hands on labs on IBM Data Studio and working with databases and various database objects. On second day students completed hands on labs of concurrency, security, backup and recovery. Rajput in the National HR Seminar at Himatnagar in October, 2010; this is the 2nd time when our MBA (HR) students participated in the International HRM Conference under the guidance of Mr. On the last day students have performed hands on lab of DB2 pure XML and programming fundamentals. Based on excellent feedback of all, he was also awarded as the "Best Resource Person of the Day".

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