The following handouts and worksheets are from my Tips and Tools for the Therapeutic Toolbox series by mental heath publisher, PESI.
For book recommendations for clinicians as well as clients, see my recommended Bibliography page.
Visit me on Facebook at my new Tips and Tools Facebook Page where we can share resources with one another! Although PESI is a Continuing Education Provider for mental health professionals, anyone interested in mental health and self help can sign up and benefit from these practical life skills web casts (and the books below) that are geared towards therapists to help clients. The following psychotherapy resources are some examples of psychoeducational materials such as free therapy handouts and therapy worksheets that therapists can use and download for use with their clients.
Since they are self-explanatory as stand alone resources, really anyone interested in self help can enjoy these various materials.
Life skills are the common everyday skills you need to manage your life effectively and cope with life challenges.
Below are some sample free therapy handouts, therapy worksheets, self-help quizzes and therapeutic group activities. For the public I offer personal development plans, stress management techniques, positive thinking strategies, practical life skill strategies, and more. For counselors I offer psycho education strategies, counseling skills, social media for mental health professionals, making counseling groups innovative, and more. Our Communication Board is designed by Activities to Share to meet the needs of people with speech difficulties or for anyone with dementia. Our Dementia and Communication Board has been designed by Activities to Share to meet the needs and wishes of people with speech difficulties or forms of dementia like Alzheimer's.
This simple, yet effective communication device provides immediate feedback from the service user, allowing for more focused care and helping to minimise misunderstandings and frustrations.
Unzip the bag at the back and fill with tactile objects for players to feel and guess what they are. Encourage interaction and self-expression with this great percussion set, 9 different ways to play along to a music cd - great for all abilities. Our large print wipe-clean activity wall planner is perfect for Activity Coordinators to display their activity programmes. All the great features of our best-selling Date and Weather Board but now with a bold, easy to read clock. We have used clear and concise words in this text on Printable daily routine flash cards for toddlers, printable color number flashcards 1-100, clothing preschool flashcards, free printable plain flash cards 1-20. AutomationDirect's culture is based on a concept known as Customer Driven Leadership? (CDL).
It is important that each individual and entity covered by this Program recognize their obligation to resolve any questions they have about their jobs and to report instances of unethical or illegal conduct.
All individuals covered by this Program are required to attend training and acknowledge in writing they have received, read, and understand their obligations under the Ethics & Compliance Program Policies.

We will maintain the trust and confidence of customers, suppliers, fellow-teamers, communities and other stakeholders through the integrity of our actions. We will do the ordinary in extraordinary ways and be mindful there are no short-cuts to achieving long-term, healthy results.
Comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to all aspects of ADC's operations. Seek customer guidance about their needs and desires so that we can provide products and services that delight our customers. Maintain an awareness of the need for environmental protection on a global scale and strive to conserve resources and energy.
Teamers are prohibited from soliciting gifts, gratuities, meals, refreshments, entertainment or other benefits from persons or companies with whom ADC does or may do business. Teamers will not offer or give gifts, gratuities, meals, refreshments, entertainment or other benefits to persons or companies with whom ADC does or may do business.
Efforts to strengthen ADC's financial base or increase profitability will be done in an ethical and legal manner. We will handle financial transactions in strict accordance with policies and procedures that have been designed to create authorizations, restraints, checks and balances, and transparency. Actively pursue activities to maintain good communication with customers, suppliers, local communities, shareholders, and other stakeholders and maintain a respectful Company image. Carry out fair business activities and actively contribute to society to be a good Company citizen. Communications skills done well are so vital in this fast paced world, that mastering them can mean the difference between excelling socially or failing to create important relationships with our peers. You see, what we believe ourselves capable of doing, and our whole demeanor is closely linked to the way we interact with others, and therefore communicate.
Communication is simply defined as the act of conveying information from one person to another. Although this explanation sounds rather simplistic, you and I know that it is not easy to obtain it.
Just imagine the things you can achieve if you are able to influence other people with the words that you say.
By being a good speaker, you can move mountains; by being a good conversationalist, you can get more intimate or personal with your dealings. People will get closer to you, they will be more trusting, therefore they’ll be more inclined to help you out when you need it.
Never hesitate about improving your communication skills as it is what can lift you higher.
Here is a video I made for PESI to introduce my books and offer some practical tips and tools you can use with your clients.
Although the following links are no substitute for therapy, they can reinforce important life skills concepts and can provide structure and practice between sessions.

Since we are not born with instruction manuals about life, and formal schooling focuses much more on academics than personal adjustment, learning life skills is essential to developing our emotional intelligence, resilience, work-life balance, and much more. Visit back soon as more links are added to help you fill up your mental health life skills and therapy toolbox!
Clients go to therapy wanting to change, but often they have no inherent knowledge of how to change.
Large, bold images make this an ideal orientation resource for day centres, care homes and hospitals. Despite the fact that I had not been practicing my Chinese, and I had not consulted my vocabulary flashcards, I began to notice in the long streams of unbroken Chinese, some words that I recognized from my courses in university.. It is a social skill that makes us humans, which when mastered and fine tuned can lead to enormous success. These free downloadable therapy handouts, worksheets, self help quizzes and life skills activities provide psychotherapeutic resources that ensure continued growth and personal development.
Skill building through these free downloadable Cognitive Behavior Therapy worksheets and Communication handouts help your clients put to practice what they learn in the therapy session. It’s up to the therapist to build a well-stocked toolkit of life skills and psychoeducational strategies. The user can either point to the picture that best describes their need or use the letter chart to spell out their message. With an able coach and a receptive mind for learning and transformation, you can put a little more confidence in your speech so you too can be successful in life. However, the best results are almost always obtained when a person is guided and coached by a career advancement and social success expert, such as Eduard Ezuanu. But when you do realize its importance, it is when you see that you’re about to harness that potential that will turn your life around.
Stress management activities and techniques, counseling worksheets, counseling activities for individuals as well as group counseling sessions, all provide valuable life skills information and opportunities to practice new skills.
For those interested in group therapy activities, there is also a couple sheets here that are perfect for interactive group activities. Being able to converse well can take you to high places – places that only a few people can get a glimpse of. In the busyness of the day, it's so easy to forget about the simple Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds, All for the Boys, Click, Pray, Love and No Time for Flashcards have a lot of great ideas!

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