Team building is vital part in communication as it creates strong leaders and increases ability to accomplish goals. LeadershipOur Leadership Development Programs are results focused and tailored to each client’s unique needs, based on our decades of experience with organisations of every size, and teams of every kind. ChangeRevolution’s Change Management Programs will ensure your business goals are reached, even in a climate of discontinuous change.
CommunicationEffective communication – whether it be within your business or with your external stakeholders – is all about awareness, understanding and consciousness. Leading with head, heart & handsLeadership today is so much more than empowering and motivating people. Creating a movement and building a communityYour business is your community: the people who work in it, the people you sell to and the people around the world that will feel the ripple affect of all that you do. Do you want to gain a better understanding of how you think, make choices and connect with others? The MBTI describes your preferences for interacting with others, gathering information, making decisions and organizing your life. When taking the MBTI you will answer a series of questions about how you would prefer to handle or engage with different scenarios.

Team leaders or members should understand that communication between one another is essential to the success of the team.The first rule in effective team building is to establish the leadership with each member. We design and adapt these innovative and integrated programs around your business or project programs and the cultural norms of your people and organisation. We have extensive experience working with executive teams to ensure they remain on the leading edge of organisational development and changing business landscapes. Let us help you design a revolutionary communication strategy for your business or project. From your answers, the MBTI looks at eight personality preferences you could use at different times in your daily life. Remember that being open with group members and encouragement will allow others to express their opinions as well as improve productivity.Be clear when communicating. Depending on your preferences, you will end up with a four letter code such as ENPF that will give you insight on how you prefer to function in the world. Make sure you are clear and that everyone understands what is going on.Delegate problem-solving tasks to the team. Let us help mold you into becoming the leader your company needs for success.A leader is to help inspire through trust.

Altogether, there are 16 different personality types, which are shown in the type table below. Letting the team work on ways to solve problems will allow the group to get closer together and find creative solutions.Establish team values and goals. Each type has its own set of preferred behaviours and personalities, along with their own strengths and challenges.
Here at Craftsmen Communication Consultants, we look forward to investing all the time needed to help you improve your leadership qualities. Putting too much thought into one particular part could waste valuable time.Ongoing conflict between group members.
Having continuous conflict could also delay productivity and cause important elements to be over looked.Group members too afraid to voice their thoughts and opinion.

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