The digital media major focuses on the intersection of the internet, digital video, audio and photography within an increasing array of delivery systems. Eastern Mennonite University offers one of the few digital media majors at a Christian college. Visual and Communication Arts Faculty at Eastern Mennonite University have deep connections to the professional world with projects that have aired on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and ABC.
The EMU digital media major unfolds in the context of our Christian liberal arts community, a multicultural, peace-oriented environment that values effective cross-cultural communication and passionate engagement with the world.
Students have access to our collection of professional HD video cameras, lighting and support equipment for video production.Students also have free access to our collection of Canon digital SLRs and lenses. Our professional and family activities, as well as our leisure time, are all shaped to a degree by information and communication technologies, be they more traditional (print media, radio, cinema, television) or more recent (Web, cell phones, blackberries). What's more, with a sound grasp of persuasion techniques, we can better analyze and interpret political and governmental communications, whose numbers and complexity continue to grow as never before. In the end, because communication is one of the engines of modern times, we need to study its internal mechanisms so that we can in turn better understand—and influence—the world we live in. Generally, students who go into communication divide into two categories, but they are all fascinated by the world around them, appreciate the importance of human relations (media-based or not), and have a keen interest in social and cultural phenomena.
Students in the first category hope to work in a communications firm, as media- or public-relations officers, as communication plan designers, as information officers or as journalists.
Students in the second category lean more toward research and see themselves for instance as analysts in a field like broadcasting and cinematographic policy. Still, both groups want to use communication to promote the well-being of fellow citizens, albeit through different means that do indeed mesh now and then.
In any democracy, journalism is arguably the most important and legitimate branch of communication. Society as a whole needs competent, well-trained journalists who can share information effectively and impartially—especially now that most anyone can tap into high-tech channels to publish or broadcast all sorts of « news » and « views » where accuracy, thoroughness and even simple truth fall by the wayside. So, journalists help the average information-swamped citizen cut through the trivial and focus on the truly meaningful; armed with hard facts and solid reports, readers can then make good decisions, both for themselves and for others. Students of journalism need several key qualities, qualities they also continue to strengthen over time. Then, obviously, there’s the insistence on truth and relevance, on thorough, in-depth research and on rigorous presentation.
Finally, fairness and integrity are a journalist’s passport to credibility and legitimacy, and it’s on the strength of credibility that he or she can claim to provide the public with its rightful serving of reliable, thought-provoking news.
The program in public relations combines courses in communication and public relations theory with practical experience in research, communication planning, writing for PR, multimedia, strategic management, creative thinking, and public speaking.

Graduates may find employment in public relations, social media management, or communications departments in corporations, government, trade associations, not-for-profit organizations, sport organizations, and the entertainment industry. This unique program combines a Major in a foreign language, a sub-major or Major in applied linguistics, a professional specialisation and the possibility of a semester abroad or a work placement. Languages offered at UniSA include French, Italian, Japanese and English as an Additional Language. Students complete at least six applied linguistics courses, including Introduction to the Study of Language, Language and Culture, Intercultural Communication, Language and Identity, Language and Culture in Professional Life.
Students also gain a professional specialisation which may be selected from areas including International Business, Global Media and Creative Industries, International Relations, Management, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, and Aboriginal Studies. Professional applications courses provide opportunities for work placements, industry-based projects and the option of studying for a study period abroad during the degree. Why Morrisville?"I chose Morrisville because my visit to Morrisville during my senior year of high school convinced me that it seemed like the right place for me.
Our unique program emphasizes proficiency in the interrelated digital media forms of video production, digital photography, graphic design and web design. Whether in person or online, guest lecturers bring expertise from the film and video world. Students work on personal projects, study visual theory, and engage the community through documentary work.
The Advanced Media Lab, home to our advanced Photoshop, video editing and 2-D animation classes, features fifteen 27 inch (Intel based) iMacs, a large HD display, a Blu-ray projector and a surround sound system.
The Washington Post covered our class documentary on the Kurdish community in Harrisonburg, and the BBC ran student photos from the documentary on their Web site. On the keyboard, press COMMAND + to zoom in, COMMAND - to zoom out or COMMAND 0 to reset.ChromeIn the toolbar, select View > Zoom In, Actual Size or Zoom Out.
Indeed, journalism is an essential activity, and whether exercised through traditional or more recent media, it evolves and develops all the time.
In turn, good presentation means an ability to speak and write impeccably, and to wield both of these abilities as a technical tool and as an art form. Other languages, for example, Chinese, Indonesian, German and Spanish, are available through cross-institutional enrolment. A further two applied linguistics courses may be taken unless a second language is studied. If you are considering a career as a language teacher at high school level, you could continue your study into the University of South Australia's Master of Teaching from this degree, or if you are planning a business career, you could continue your study into the Master of International Business. These opportunities allow students to further develop and practise their skills in a work-based context.

My soccer coach managed to get the Morrisville head coach, at the time, to try me out and practice with the team.
Students learn electronic field production in documentary and narrative video classes.They practice the disciplines of video editing, lighting, audio production through assignments and real-world projects.
Recent speakers have included the first female steady-cam operator, a National Geographic photographer and a Discovery Channel producer. EMU prepares students for a range of digital media jobs from video production to web design (as well as preparation for further graduate training). Our current students and recent graduates have had opportunities to work on real world projects in Haiti and Kenya.
On the keyboard, press COMMAND + (Mac) or CTRL + (Windows) to zoom in, COMMAND - (Mac) or CTRL - (Windows) to zoom out or COMMAND 0 (Mac) or CTRL 0 (Windows) to view actual sizeFirefoxIn the toolbar, select View > Zoom > Zoom In, Reset or Zoom Out.
Daily life in the 21st century, shaped as it is by the effects of globalization, has at its core the art and science of communication. Also, true journalists are not out to serve a specific cause, but rather to serve the public good. A second foreign language may be taken to complete a further Minor or sub-major with approval of the Program Director. Our intro Digital Media Lab features the latest Adobe CS5.5 Creative Suite and fifteen workstations (21 inch and 24 inch Intel based iMacs) for digital photo editing and web design. On the keyboard, press COMMAND + (Mac) or CTRL + (Windows) to zoom in, COMMAND - (Mac) or CTRL - (Windows) to zoom out or COMMAND 0 (Mac) or CTRL 0 (Windows) to view actual sizeInternet ExplorerIn the toolbar, select Options > Zoom > Zoom In, Custom or Zoom Out. To that end, students of journalism must also strive to share nothing but the best-quality information available. By living and interacting with Japanese native speakers, in academic and social settings, I was able to learn so much more colloquial and natural phrases than I would have from any textbook. Being surrounded by Japanese each day had an enormous positive impact on my listening and reading skills. Communication is in fact a staple of human interaction; from workplace co-operation and corporate public relations to TV programming, e-commerce and the promotion of government health and environmental policies, communication weighs in at every level.

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