Introduces students to theories and skills of effective public address through an intensive battery of practical public speaking assignments.
Explores the trends and issues affecting corporations, crisis management, public affairs communication, consumer affairs, employee relations, environmental problems, and issues of multinationals. History, nature, function, practice, and social and economic aspects of advertising; ethical responsibilities, psychological appeals, marketing, media, research, product analysis, creative strategies, and agency operation. Introduction to the philosophy and process of social-scientific research and the most common methods used to study mass communication. Intensive exposure to some of the basic writing formats in communications: news releases, letters, features, and profiles. Examines the role of managed communication and marketing in public relations problems unique to health, education, and human and public service organizations. Focus is on the strategic creative process in advertising including concept development, copywriting, visualization, and design. Students study a variety of publicity tactics (news conferences, feature placements, special events, and media tours), which they combine into publicity campaign plans. Explores the effects of new media on the fundamental theories, models, and practices of public relations.
Monitoring sociopolitical environment, managing corporate crises and confrontations, analyzing issues, formulating political strategies, developing programs of advocacy advertising, constituency communications, and public involvement.
Study and application of the principles of oral presentation, persuasion, and interviewing.
Principles and practices of public relations in social, health, educational, and public service institutions. Focus is on the strategic creative process in advertising including concept development, copywriting, visualization, and design. Students learn publicity techniques used in media of mass communication, including daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and film. Developed by Metropolitan College in collaboration with Boston University’s College of Communication, the Master of Science in Health Communication (MSHC) is the first degree of its type to be offered online. Apply basic public relations and marketing theories and principles to the practice of health communication. Employ communication strategy, methods and technology to communicate information, influence audiences, or affect change on health-related topics and issues. Evaluate the value and significance of traditional, social, and emerging digital media practice in the health communication field. Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of ethical and socially responsible health communication practices and strategies, and knowledge of the Code of Ethics as defined by the┬áPublic Relations Society of America (PRSA).
Interpret and apply basic communication research fundamentals to the field of health communication. Analyze, synthesize, interpret, and present health and scientific information using clear and concise messaging for public consumption.
Standing in Revere on Monday evening, it truly boggled my mind that no one was seriously hurt. I wanted to touch on a few notable pieces of information as it pertains to this storm, starting first with the timeline of information.
In the case of Revere, it was admittedly close to impossible to have a tornado warning out before the funnel dropped.
A tornado-warned storm as viewed from Charlton by Chad Whitlock on Monday as it moved toward Spencer.
Many were skeptical when we didn’t wait for NWS to say it was a tornado, but you should know that radar now leaves us little doubt in these types of instances.
The Revere tornado and the June 2011 Springfield tornado are the two strongest to have formed in the state in this young century.
During the afternoon on Monday – a tornado was confirmed to touch down in Limington, ME (York County). Covers the theories, strategies, and tactics used in public relations programs for corporate, governmental, and nonprofit institutions.

Students prepare a comprehensive advertising plan including a marketing strategy and speculative advertising campaign.
Includes a variety of research methods, an examination of data-analysis procedures, and an analysis of mass communication issues.
Develops a foundation in design principles and software skills including Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Discussions include basic assumptions of theory-building as applied to the study of communication, cognition and language, and the contexts of communication. Assignments require conceiving solutions to client marketing challenges across a range of media. Students develop a portfolio of advertising campaigns for presentation during their search for employment at advertising agencies. Studies how websites, blogs, citizen journalism, social media, direct-to-consumer communication, podcasting, viral marketing, and other technology-enabled changes are affecting interpersonal, small group, and mass media relationships. Students learn to identify targeted marketing and distribution platforms for new websites, video channels, series, and blogs, etc., and how to use social media to find an audience, generate buzz and identify potential funding sources. Case discussions of five types of crises: technological, confrontational, malevolence, management failure, and management control. Ingredients of effective preparation for and delivery of informative and persuasive presentations. Assignments require conceiving solutions to client marketing challenges across a range of media. They are also open to non-degree students who have completed an undergraduate degree and have all necessary prerequisites.
This was a storm that didn’t have a tornado warning on it until after it passed the city, spun up and dissipated within minutes, and during that time blasted the heart of a densely populated area with 120mph winds.
While some of you die-hard blog readers are well aware of the process, I can easily see that many people do not know where watches come from, warnings come from, why they’re issued, or what they even mean! These are products issued by the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma days in advance of impending weather.
This is the FOURTH time in a row there has not been a watch up while our area has been under tornado and severe weather warnings. Whenever the weather is expected to rock, we’re all sitting in our weather offices tracking the storms, following the warnings, wearing our microphones, and ready to jump on air if a tornado warning is issued. That’s why we can say with confidence that it was a tornado long before survey teams arrive. It is an admittedly tiny target so far as counties go, but Monday’s twister was the first ever recorded in Suffolk. Overall the state averages 2-3 per year (there were two last year – one in Stoughton and one over the Quabbin Reservoir). Many of the storms were rotating all day long across the region since the there was ample wind shear in the environment. Any questions at all, feel free to ask in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to get to them. Focuses on ethical decision-making in researching problems, setting objectives, identifying audiences, designing messages, choosing communication channels, and evaluating results. Students create projects demonstrating how graphic design is used to engage an audience and enhance comprehension of all forms of mass communication from traditional print to new media.
Print and broadcast ads are designed to provide solutions to the clients' marketing problems.
Also covers and uses the interactive tools that are re-defining the practice of public relations. Examines appropriate management actions and communications before, during, and after a crisis.
Studies the origin and growth of the music industry, and attempts to integrate it into the general social and intellectual history of the country.
Attention to recruitment and management of volunteers, fundraising, budgeting, and intra- and inter-agency relationships.

Attention to the nature of scientific logic, computer literature searches, research design, questionnaire construction, sampling, measurement techniques, and data analysis. Based purely on the amount of debris, it’s really remarkable no one took a direct hit.
There’s a large contingent of severe weather professionals who make up the staff at the SPC, and they often do an absolutely fantastic job. I’m hopeful that someone will take a deeper look into this and hopefully a stronger collaboration can develop between SPC and local NWS offices to help make sure advance notice of severe weather is provided. And much to the chagrin of Judge Judy fans – we will always stay on during tornado warnings. Combines lecture, discussion, guest speakers, case study, and research to help students uncover and appreciate the power and potential of interactive media. Reviews issues management: monitoring, analysis, strategy determination, and implementation.
In addition, budgetary constraints in relation to work for the web often require a different creative approach than traditional broadcast media. The only killer tornado of this century in Massachusetts continues to be the Springfield tornado of June 2011. Usually after an outbreak of storms, you can match up the storm reports with their outlooks and the fit neatly inside. One ripped through the woods in Dalton, MA (Berkshire County) and another was caught on camera rolling through Wolcott, CT.
This course explores the creative development of cost-effective video concepts and full production of finished videos. Only the local NWS office can issue warnings – whether they are tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, flash flood warnings, etc. If you were following myself, or many Meteorologists on Twitter or on-air, we were all sounding the alarm as soon as the storm entered Revere. It’s the most dangerous type of weather we deal with because of its ability to destroy property and lives within seconds, all happening in an instant. It has a suite of products that never existed for us before (like correlation coefficient).
By the end of the course, students will have filmed and edited complete one to three minute videos. In fact, most were talking about it rotating and being a dangerous storm as far south as Westwood. When we look at that scan, plus base reflectivity and velocity products – we get a better look into these storms than ever before. So you’re talking less than 4% of all Massachusetts tornadoes coming within that time! Many of those who work there (and I’m making somewhat of an assumption here) are trained and focused on the outbreaks of the Plains, Midwest, and Southeast.
They’re only issued when specific criteria are met, or when a dangerous situation is unfolding. At that point it was still a dangerous storm heading north, and I hate to be critical of the NWS as they often do such a wonderful job, but this was too late. A storm could quickly tighten up and produce a monster, or dissipate into nothing within minutes. These influences include terrain, the nearby ocean, micro-climates…it’s a mess! The good news is that the local National Weather Service office and your trusted on-air Meteorologists DO understand how it all works very well, and were all talking about Monday’s severe weather threat days in advance. This wouldn’t have helped Revere, but if the tornado had stayed on the ground it could have given crucial lead time to towns farther north.

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