ISOC has run several customised media relations and writing training sessions for UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company. This course covers how to take control of communication in the crucial early moments after a negative news event.
You will learn to activate crisis systems quickly, develop positioning on the fly, take charge of the news media, and manage the online space.
This is an advanced-level course designed for learners in senior roles, aspiring to mastery and innovation. This course is recommended for anyone who may be involved in the media and online communication response to a crisis affecting their organisation, either behind the scenes or as a spokesperson. This course features high quality multi-media presentations, real-world case studies, and the chance to brainstorm around your own issues. Expect a full run-down from experienced specialists on the fundamentals of crisis communications, including case studies of good and bad practice. Within each module, best practice and key concepts are covered off in a concise briefing, followed by stimulating learning activities like workshops, discussions, case studies and role-play exercises.
This module runs through step-by-step the actions that a communication team should take in the crucial early stages after a crisis strikes. This module is a practical primer in creating messages and positioning to drive definition and consistency throughout an organisation’s crisis response. This module focuses on developing practical media interview skills for crisis situations, including videotaped interview practice and coaching. Training consists of concise briefings on best practice, backed up by interactive learning activities like workshops, role-plays, case study analysis, coaching, brainstorms and structured group discussions. This course is interesting, intellectually stimulating and delivered in a relaxed and professional style. All ISOC trainers are hands-on communication professionals with at least 15 years of experience. This course is delivered in an executive boardroom format, not classroom-style, and in a small group no larger than eight people. ISOC is also accredited by the British Accreditation Council, a UK Government-mandated training standards body. This course covers the full range of conventions, rules, customs and expectations that professional communicators must master in order to interact professionally with VIPs and in high-level business. You will learn the written and unwritten rules of official protocol and business etiquette, as well as international cultural norms and variations.
This is an intermediate-level course designed for learners with existing knowledge and several years of experience in communications or PR. This course is recommended for anyone required to interact with important individuals and concerned to ensure that these interactions pass off as professionally as possible.
You will not have to sit through long lectures or presentations – this course uses active learning to help you internalise the topic and apply it in the real world.

You will gain insight into the principles and practice of smooth, proper, professional and culturally sensitive interaction in important encounters and events involving senior individuals. This module covers the essentials of how to navigate and manage interpersonal dynamics in important encounters. This module is a practical primer in conventions and behaviours that create a good impression and avoid causing offence in personal and business etiquette. This module is a how-to guide to preparing, managing and executing the protocol dimension of VIP visits and formal occasions. This module covers international and regional differences in protocol and etiquette between different cultures and nations. The trainer (Jenni Perry) was very friendly, the handouts were good and the workshops were relaxed and beneficial. Do you want to develop business communication expertise in a truly international environment?
View our fantastic facilities, learn more about your course of interest and get an insight into student life.
Year 3 attracts students who enter directly having completed a Diploma in their home country, giving them a fast-track route to a British degree. The latest National Student Survey (NSS) results show 100% of BA (Hons) International Business Communication students at UCLan said they were satisfied overall with their course.
Many of our staff, as well as students, are from different parts of the world and that makes this an exciting place to develop your English language and communication skills. The School’s English language provision for foreign learners is officially accredited by the British Council. We are also a provider of the Certificate in International Business English Training, accredited by Trinity College London and English UK professional bodies.
Assessment will include business simulations, case studies, essays, presentations, projects and examinations. You'll be encouraged to attend workshops on study skills and employability as well as research seminars organised by the School as part of your independent study. You may also join the International Society, language clubs, view international films at the UCLan Independent Cinema and participate in the School’s various language events. You'll graduate with a range of business skills that you'll be ready to apply in a global context. You will be fully exposed to the UK culture through activities organised by the Worldwise Learning Centre. You'll be eligible for UCLan travel bursaries as well as School bursaries during your course. Learning is pitched at a level to help you to synthesise best practice and direct strategic implementation. Your trainer will introduce the concepts clearly, then focus on real-world skills that connect the big picture to your job. Edexcel has audited ISOC’s systems for the design, delivery and management of training and inspects us regularly to assure quality control of all aspects of training and assessment.

Learning is pitched at a level to help you develop strategic approaches and apply sophisticated techniques.
If English is not your native language and you already have background knowledge of your chosen language, this degree will help you reach a high degree of competence in English language and communication, understanding the role of the international manager and the skills required to manage successfully in international and intercultural contexts.
This practical course will enable you to develop your business communication competence and graduate with the knowledge and skills that employers require.
This final year provides the opportunity to study specialist content modules in a wide range of business topics including marketing, human resources, international management, tourism, finance and intercultural communication.
Within the foreign language modules, assessment will typically comprise a portfolio, oral presentations, translations, essay writing and listening exams.
Previously students have been to Shanghai, Spain, Czech Republic, therefore you will be able to contextualise your knowledge in different countries. As a native speaker of a foreign language you can gain work experience through the Worldwise Learning Centre with five-day work placements and short-term internships, for example as a language assistant for conversation classes and at events, or as a Worldwise student advisor.
Courses are updated regularly and trainers are active in the industry so your knowledge will be fresh and relevant. ISOC is owned and managed by Pinnacle International, the world’s largest specialist communications and PR training company. Edexcel awards two million qualifications every year around the world and has 5,500 education partners in 110 countries.
You’ll have the opportunity to study specialist content modules in a wide range of business topics as well as to develop the necessary project management and research skills, giving you an advantage, whether going onto postgraduate study, or getting that first job. You will also study another foreign language at a high level, and have that language named in your degree title.
Our teachers are all qualified and experienced and we place great emphasis on providing an active and stimulating learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.
As well as public courses, we provide private and customised programmes including media interview training, presentation training, and multi-year multi-competency postgraduate programmes. Since it is now becoming quite common for graduates to demonstrate high levels of English, having an additional foreign language will definitely give you a competitive edge.
You are also expected to actively participate in the learning process and often work as a group or in pairs. If one has the opportunity to study abroad for a certain time period, one should do it, it is much more than a nice remark on the CV! And UCLan with its community, situated in a town where everybody can easily find their way about and its motivated tutors is the right place to do so.

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