We offer high-standard programs in English in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science and Physiotherapy. This year 9 Japanese graduates from Hungarian medical universities have successfully passed the state license exam to practice in their home country. Open Day on March 17th about the study options in Hungary for students, parents, teachers, career advisors. The 2-semester PreMedical program has just started with a record number of students preparing themselves for their universitiy studies next year. The early entrance exams to the Hungarian universities were successfully conducted in Scandinavia.

The ilist of the upcoming entrance exam dates and locations is now available under the Contact us section! The university has moved 50 places forward on the British QS World University Rankings’s list. Then come to the English Language Program in Budapest!We are organizing a two-semester program for students who wish to start their further studies in their chosen field in the academic year 2013-2014. Patient communication Archives - Lee Ann Brady, DMD's Dental Blog HomeAbout Dr. I wrote recently about moving our conversations with patients away from insurance benefits, and into conversations about the benefits of health.

Besides the medical subjects you can also study Psychology, Basic Liberal Art Studies and various disciplines of Health Care also in English. Around 70 students from almost 30 countries have joined our program to prepare for their university studies. When I came in and asked how he was doing he said "great, but I think I melted my mouthguard".

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