Instructive revision help with any kind of writing project, especially concerning engineering, medicine, and research.
Get the spot you want in school, seek the scholarship you deserve, apply for the job that's perfect for you, position your company in literature, or publish your latest research. This pre-made health care communication board features 68 pictures that help patients communicate their health and hospital care-related needs when they are not able to speak.

Studies show that being able to communicate with care providers significantly improves the patient's experience and recovery.Each double-sided sheet offers clear color pictures to indicate pain, wants, needs, ailments, comforts, questions, staff, emotions and more.
Non-verbal patients simply point to pictures to communicate their needs to care staff and family.Ideal for nurses, therapists, emergency care and health care workers, caregivers and parents who care for adults and children who are not able to express their needs verbally. Or order laminated copies for increased durability and re-use.Click to see the symbols on the Card FrontClick to see the symbols on the Card BackThis easy-to-use communication aid is available from Giving Greetings both for personal use or for to use with multiple patients.

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