After the success of our communication skills quiz, and the self-esteem quotes and women supporting women quotes, we felt it was time to bring you the best communication quotes. Sharing communication quotes via social media is a subtle way to contribute to the improvement of communication skills of a specific person or a group.
You could also use communication quotes as icebreakers either during presentations or small department meetings. If you are in a leadership position, you may want to invite company associates to submit their own quotes related to communication in the workplace. And here’s our challenge: Send us your communication quotes and we will feature the best ones in a future post!
Some wise communication rules: avoid spreading rumors, eavesdropping, and spying on people. Discover the Benefits of the Red Shoe MovementThe BEST and most cost-effective way to achieve career SUCCESS. DISCLAIMERAlicia sometimes participates in affiliate marketing, ads or paid reviews where she receives some sort of payment.

Just as a poem can capture an idea that can often be hard to put into regular words, communication quotes can be a wonderful vehicle to get a message across.
Without openly alluding to a specific situation, you can get the idea across and even get friends and colleagues to have a conversation about the topic. Their universal appeal and insightfulness are perfect to help people relax with each other.
You can then post the best ones on bulletin boards, in the company’s newsletter, or even share them via your company’s social media platform. In this case, you’d use them to trigger a discussion of specific communication skills, namely, listening, speaking or writing. Not all of MarCom Land's copy is written by Alicia and she does not endorse all products or companies talked about on this blog. Our collection of most popular funny images, memes, funny quotes, comics and other funny pictures is updated daily.
They could be useful to cheer you and your colleagues up but also to shed light into what causes miscommunication in the workplace.

It’s a playful way to generate engagement while underscoring good communication in the workplace. We share with you how to pick the right one to make light of a mishap or to help improve the flow of communication in the workplace, and 21 fabulous communication quotes!!! Sometimes, by bringing the point of view of a beloved author, scientist, or comedian it’s easier to lighten the mood and get people to laugh together, a good first step to better communication in the workplace. Also you can be a part of our website - just upload or browse images and share them with your friends.

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