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In his scientific work emphasizes its contribution to the knowledge of the mechanisms of adhesion, migration and activation of leukocytes with important impact on the study of chronic inflammatory diseases.

He is author of over 320 publications in renowned international journals of basic biomedical research and clinical research that have received more than 17,700 citations. Currently, his research focuses on the study of cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern leukocyte intercellular communication and its role in initiating the immune response, the immunological synapse and the regulation of the inflammatory response.
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He pioneered the identification of the first families of leukocyte adhesion receptors, and their physiological role in controlling cell migration. Much of these findings have been the basis of new treatments and anti-adhesion therapies in human diseases such as multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and Crohn's inflammatory disease.

He was Research Fellow in the Department of Pathology, University of Harvard (USA), under the supervision of Drs B. He is an example of transnational researcher who has succeeded in transforming the results of basic biomedical research to generate new therapies for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. Springer, there, he stands as a biomedical researcher to discover and identify the first families of human leukocyte adhesion receptors. From 1985 he has been working at the Hospital Universitario de la Princesa, since 2009 he is He is Chief of the Immunology Services and scientific director of the Institute of Health Research at the same centre.

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