The intent of communication is to convey one’s message clearly to other person or to a group. Companies when conducting interviews look for a candidate with strong technical and communication skill. As said earlier verbal communication need to be improved if one needs to get success in the interview. Memorize powerful words and converse them, which then becomes a habit of using them in right places.
As Chong explains, “The aim of International Journal of Network and Mobile Technologies (IJNMT) is promote, address and capture innovative and state of the art research and work in the network and mobile technologies field,” encompassing everything from businesses to entertainment. Of these, only paralanguage can be captured in vocal communications as this covers features that accompany speech and contribute to communication but are not generally considered to be part of the language system, such things as vocal quality, loudness, and tempo. For example, if a Japanese woman avoids looking someone in the eyes, she is not showing a lack of interest nor is she demonstrating a lack of self-confidence. Obviously, these social nuances are far outside the realm of technology, yet they do need to be taken into account when technology is developed in various cultures around the world. Your Vision Statement (the written description of your future) should be enthusiastically shared with everyone throughout your organization. To ensure optimum effectiveness, care and attention should be given to developing and implementing a communication strategy that will involve everyone in the organization. To realize an organizational vision, all members of the organization must share a responsibility for, and a commitment to, the new direction. If people feel that the organization provides something of value because of a shared vision and that what they do is important, you won't have to worry about motivation. Realizing a compelling Vision often means change, accepting new perspectives and abandoning old habits and techniques. It is important to erase boundaries between different parts of the organization so that process, production and communications flow seamlessly and swiftly.
Most companies squander 10 to 20 percent or revenue in support of wasteful products or procedures. If you do the things that you've always done but expect different results, your are engaging in institutional insanity. Addressing resistance to change becomes a major focus and an integral part of a unified implementation strategy.
First, the organizational vision must be compelling enough to generate the excitement needed to propel people through the chaos of change.
Second, your formal structures must support the behaviors you are looking to develop and extinguish behaviors that no longer serve your organization.

Fifth, recognition and appraisals must be frequent, supportive and consistent with the vision and values of the organization. Sixth, communications strategies and programs must be developed and implemented in all areas. This motivational picture has been selected for the Funny Pictures section on Running Wolf’s Rant for today. The information can be communicated either by means of oral communication or written communication. While these can generally be interpreted correctly by those of the same culture and language, such is not always the case. The remaining 55% of communication has nothing to do with the words spoken or how they are said. In these countries extended eye contact can be taken as an affront or a challenge of authority. As a college instructor in cross cultural business communications, I urge my students to become aware of all aspects of their communication. Take every opportunity to communicate the Vision and to generate excitement about realizing it. Whenever and wherever you can, seek to communicate the Vision through your words and your actions. An effective leader, therefore, creates and promotes an environment which allows and encourages every person throughout the organization to operationalize the new Vision, to be part of the new direction and to demonstrate behaviors consistent with the new values. Improving quality and speed, while reducing cost and complexities, can create a significant competitive advantage.
If you want different results, you must do things differently or your must do different things. Oral communication means expressing one’s thought or information by means of directly speaking either one-to one discussion or presentation among group of people. Companies need candidates with proper communication because their business deals with people and employees are representatives of their company.
It is ultimate truth that practice makes man perfect and with that in mind one can definitely practice to be a perfect communicator. Yet, tone is what is what technology is trying to connect with in network and mobile technologies. But venture into many Middle Eastern cultures eye contact is much less common and considered less appropriate, especially in Muslim cultures where strict rules regarding eye contact between the sexes exist. In general, it is often considered more polite to have only sporadic or brief eye contact, especially between people of different social registers (like a student and a teacher, or a child and his elder relatives).

We are so lax in our attitudes in mobile communication, I feel this is an area where businesses can easily cause unintended business relations problems. According to an article in Harvard Business Review, it has been estimated that most organizations under communicate the Vision by a factor of ten. Lofty aspirations many involve outsourcing, merging, building strategic alliances, partnering or acquiring other resources or organizations. The objective is to eliminate as many non-value added, time consuming steps in a process as possible through simplification, elimination or concurrence. Cut costs and shorten organizational cycles in everything.A  An organization MUST continuously do things better and faster, or it will die. If humans were not capable of communication we’d probably live in a completely different world. You might also want to check out the Movies, Music, Technology, Opinion and Television categories. So a company wishes their employee to be a proper communicator and that is why they emphasis on communication skills in a interview. In such countries only a brief moment of eye contact would be permitted between a man and a woman, if at all. It could involve restructuring your organization or your compensation programs so that they are aligned with your values and goals of the organization. People MUST be focused on "taking the frills" out of core business processes in order to focus on the results rather than activities. Over the years I’ve learned that communication is very important and that it takes time to perfect the art of it.
Clearly one should understand that effective communication is one of the means of getting through the interview. Of course, in many other Middle Eastern cultures intense eye contact between those of the same gender—especially between men—can mean “I am telling you the truth!
You can create the environment in which motivation thrives and people want to achieve both personal and organizational goals. Before you make your mind up about a topic question it first (although Twilight and Sex in the City don’t need to be questioned).

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