An individual could be trained for a job, placed in it and the expectations would be clear.
Before I start to discuss the communicating tools, there are two topics I would like to address. I want project team members to know who to call when they have a question or an issue arises.
One caution about the list, I provide business contact information, but not personal information.

Some of the normal ones are: family communication, business communication, social communication, emotional communication and intellectual communication. Connecting with others on a deep level is important for a happy and healthy life. Emotional communication is truly food for the soul. Hugs, high-fives, pats on the back, shaking hands and broad smiles are some of the simple ways that we emotionally connect with one another.
If a person is career focused he or she will have a more pressing need to create stronger business communication than someone who isna€™t as concerned about advancing.

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