Verbal Success® is an exciting seven-day online course, delivered right to your email inbox. I understand there's absolutely no cost or commitment - there's nothing more to buy, and I can unsubscribe at any time! Several studies revealed that Executives score higher on vocabulary tests than the employees that work under them. This study by the Johnson O'Conner Research Laboratory conclusively proved that vocabulary correlates with rank on the corporate ladder. What this study means to you: If you want to achieve success and rise to the top of your career, in any field or industry, then you must acquire an Executive Level Vocabulary. Recommended for those that have little or no English skills and need to create an effective foundation that can be applied immediately.

Recommended for those that speak the language to a large degree but that want to take it to the next level by applying the language skills used at a professional level today. Lawyers spend the majority of their time communicating – writing emails, briefs, letters, agreements, talking, negotiating, running or attending meetings, training,  – the list goes on.
Be clear and concise, using specific examples, recommendations, statements, and observations. Use follow-up open ended questions to make sure your communicated idea was understood as you meant it to be understood.
Prepare an agenda for all meetings and follow it so that you cover what needs to be covered succinctly and efficiently.  If you follow a well thought out agenda you won’t waste your client’s time and money.
Choose the right time for your intended communication.  Timing of a difficult conversation or delivery of an email can make an important difference to the outcome.

If you would like coaching on how to communicate more effectively, please contact me , Irene Leonard, Business Lawyer Coach to see how I can assist you. This entry was posted in Business Plan, Client relationships, Delegation, Law Practice Management, Marketing, Networking, Staff Management and tagged client relationships. Prepare an agenda for all your meetings whether in person or telephone.  Ensure the meeting’s agenda content is consistent with your client’s Legal Strategic Plan. The client’s Legal Strategic Plan is the plan you created or designed to solve your client’s legal matter.

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