Communication Problem Cartoons and ComicsCommunication Problem cartoon 1 of 38Dislike this cartoon?'My wife said I don't listen to her. Can you think of a recent example where if you could replay the incident in your relationship you would have done things differently? We often make the issue more important than the relationship and so weaken the relationship. Can you think of a couple of occasions recently where minor issues have been blown out of all proportion and as a result, your relationship was damaged.
Take our Couple Checkup - put your relationship on strong foundations by checking out the strengths and growth areas!

As famous psychologist and family therapist Paul Watzlawick stated: ‘One cannot not communicate’. This educational training is filled with practical and simple tools and exercises designed to strengthen your communication skills.
When: The duration of the course is usually 5 sessions with a possibility to extend on demand.
When we learn to do this we are taking responsibility for the quality of our relationship and the consequences of our actions. Communication is critical if you want to enjoy successful relationships and it predicts our ability to resolve conflicts privately and in our professional life.

If we can bear that in mind we can choose to behave in ways that will strengthen rather than undermine your relationship.

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