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Having and using good communication skills are the building blocks of any successful career—professional or academic. When communicating in an academic setting, the way you communicate can affect the way people perceive you.
It is important to be tolerant and open to hearing the opinions of others, especially in an academic setting where people of different cultures, belief systems, and values regularly interact. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the point of discussing topics is to learn and share knowledge. Just like the tone of your voice, tone conveys your emotional response to a particular subject.
While online discussions, e-mails or chat correspondences are not as formal as essay assignments or term papers, your writing should still be professional.
Composing your messages in an outside word processing program like Microsoft Word allows you to check spelling and grammatical errors much easier than in the actual web browser.

When responding to discussion prompts or blog entries, it is best to read all comments before posting your own. Present your argument in a fair-minded and rational way supported by factual evidence, not just opinion.
A Primer for Online Debate — Actually this primer is for online activists, but the information could just as easily be applied to any type of discussion forum.
PowerPoint presentations are a great way to convey a message along with impressing the audience.
A comprehensive overview of methods and strategies for developing functional communication in children and adolescents with autism. A unique resource that focuses on the one issue pertinent to all individuals on the spectrum—communication. By Pat Crissey, an autism consultant and author of Picture Directions and Getting the Message.
Forms and worksheets for the IEP assessment process are available as a download from the Attainment Bookshelf. The key is knowing how to effectively express ideas in a tone that is appropriate with language that is understandable, focused and compelling. Even if these opinions differ greatly from your own experience, it is best not jump to harsh judgments or conclusions.
If you want to emphasize a word or phrase it is better to use italics, *asterisks*, or “quotation marks” instead. This will help you find grammatical mistakes, double-check attachments, and verify you are using the appropriate tone.

If you are person who teaches about communication skills then these templates of PPT like Background PowerPoint Template are the need of the hour for you.
Not only these templates are free they are also available in various formats like word and excel. Teaching Communication Skills to Children with Autism addresses the needs of nonverbal and beginning communicators, plus children with high functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome. After making an eBook purchase, you will receive an email message with a simple download link for placing the book on your iPad.
Below are some basic “netiquette” tips to help you communicate more effectively with your instructors and peers online.
There is a huge collection of PPT templates specially focusing on the topics of Communication Skills for you to choose. The book provides a PDF on the CD with many valuable reproducibles, like reinforcement preference sheets and symbol recognition assessments.
When you buy multiple downloads for an eBook title, an email message gives you easy instructions for providing download links to each of your students or teachers. At the Attainment Bookshelf website, an account login allows you to see who has downloaded their book, and shows how many downloads are still available.

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