The responsibility to communicate research has not changed since the Morrill Act passed in 1862, but the methods have.
At the 2012 K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference, we unveiled a three-part session to introduce experiment station researchers and extension educators to communication strategy basics.
The hope is land-grant communicators will be equipped with communication strategies for their individual plans of work.
This blog will provide us the opportunity to share resources and continue the conversation on strategic communication basics with land-grant communicators. This entry was posted in Social Media, Uncategorized and tagged communication channels, Extension educators, land-grant, research communications, social media, target audiences. We are left trying to determine the best way to reach our audiences and advance our legacy. We identified appropriate short-form, medium-form, and long-form communications, with examples from successful organizational communicators.
Extension educators face challenges every day to inform and educate a variety of target audiences as communication channels change and devices proliferate.

These forms included both traditional and contemporary communication methods, with examples of different strategies — from news releases and publications to Twitter and blogs — for communicating a timely issue. Incorporating new communication tools into our everyday work may be seen as overwhelming rather than an opportunity to streamline and repurpose traditional communication methods. Some may be more vocal than others, some may automatically resort to negative thinking even when they dona€™t understand the context.With better communication skills, we function better at work and are more productive.
He starts to think that Jason has a grudge against him and thinks, a€?hey, was it because I didna€™t agree with him on that project the other day?a€? Jason starts to get pissed that Jason would be so petty.Now, this scenario could easily get worse, but instead of assuming that Jason is ignoring him, John should just ask Jason. We are not clairvoyant and we dona€™t really know what the other is thinking.Jason was actually having a bad morning- he was late to work because his child refused to go to school again and he had a terrible fight with his wife the night before.
He is stressed and did not hear Jason say hi to him because he was preoccupied with his own thoughts.Get to Know ThemThis also goes along with not assuming that the person is a€?bada€? or that you have completely different personalities and youa€™ll never ever get along or be friends. Criticism is a delicate matter and often many individuals have difficulty giving it (or they are on the other spectrum and they give it out too easily).
As there may be a lot of people out there who are sensitive to perceived criticism, using the Sandwich technique is an important and easy way to give constructive feedback.

In the sandwich technique, you identify the positives, put the constructive feedback in the middle, and end it with another positive. WikiHow has a good a€?tutoriala€? on how to effectively utilize the sandwich technique.Think PositivelyFinally, thinking positive is really important.
Instead of dreading to head to work Sunday evening, think about the positives at your workplace.
These strategies, like thinking positively, getting to know your colleagues outside of the workplace, not assuming things, and using the sandwich to give constructive feedback are just some examples of learning how to communicate effectively in the workplace so you can once again enjoy work.Readers, do you have other tips for effective communication at the workplace? I honestly believe that a lot of conflicts among coworkers are caused by a miscommunication or the lack of communication.

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