What can be more important for any business than ability to efficiently communicate with customers, vendors and partners? ICARTEAM stays abreast of latest communications technologies in order to maximize competitive advantage of the members. ICARTEAM Members have an option of engaging network Call Centers on partial or full scale in order to provide fast and efficient customer sales and technical support services.
Members demand access to the most advanced communications systems to match and support their level of operational efficiency.
We utilize a modern feature-rich Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system to unite members in a seamless phone network.

ICARTEAM Call Center solution employs advanced technologies and highly qualified personnel with industry background to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, and increase our membersa€™ overall productivity. Our goal here is to ensure our members are highly accessible to their customers whether they are in the office or on the go. We provide professional call center services on behalf of the member businesses where needed. Advertising includes various media vehicles such as Television, outdoor, digital, print ads etc.
Sales promotion – A direct form of communication tool which connects directly to the customer.

Public relations – Public relations is a communication tool which maintains images of businesses as well as celebrities and brands.

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