We think the best way to get a flavour of our approach to communication skills training is to take a look at some of the courses we've run for our clients.
After taking a look at those, come back and read more about our general approach to communication training programmes. Our training courses in helping people and teams develop their communication skills fall into two categories - courses for groups from a single company, and communication development courses for individuals. The way we cover communication skills varies enormously, and depends heavily on a joint pre-courses assessment of what the needs are, and the flexibility during the course to change and adapt the approach as needed.
We've found that using Myers-Briggs (MBTI) profiling as part of creating an understanding and appreciation of differing communication styles and approaches hugely valuable. By looking not only at the individual dichotomies, but looking at specific combinations, we can access a rich resource of information about people's preferred communication styles.
As with all our courses, we introduce the theory, use real-world, practical, and usually outdoors experiential learning to flesh out and internalise the knowledge gained, and then focus on reviews to really capture the essence of what has been learnt and ensure that it is translated into practical benefits back at work. NLP, it goes without saying, has a massive amount to offer in terms of developing a greater understanding of our own communication styles, and how our styles come across to others. It is almost impossible to overestimate the power of having a greater understanding of your own communication abilities and in-built patterns, let alone the skills and attitude that helps you to change the patterns you use at will.
A very simple "trick" this one, but, by operating outdoors, across acres and acres of the most beautiful countryside, we can split teams up and deny them the opportunity for face-to-face communication. Sounds obvious, but common sense is missed far too often on training courses, overruled by the latest fancy theory and snazzy quotes from the "gurus".
Our skill here is in genuine, open facilitation, and in creating the environment for people to come up with their own answers - much, much more powerful than listening to a lecture.

ISOC has run several customised media relations and writing training sessions for UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company.
Whether you’re a multinational corporation, a small business, a government body or an NGO, we can help you add value to your business by investing in communication skills for your people.
Any of the communication training courses in this faculty can be run as an in house training option for your team.Further information can be found in our in house training section. Clear and transparent communication, both internal and external, is increasingly important across all sectors.
This communications course is suitable for those tasked with internal communication within their organisation, whether or not they have internal communication in their title. Accredited by Kingston Business School and the Institute of Internal Communication, the Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Communication Management is a highly respected qualification offering a powerful mix of academic groundwork, immediate practical application and interaction with leading experts in the field. Run jointly by Capita Learning & Development and Kingston Business School, the new one-year Masters in Internal Communication Management programme builds on the success of the highly respected Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Communication Management. Effective Negotiation This Effective Negotiation Skills training course is designed to give participants insights into the techniques and skills required to achieve win-win outcomes in any negotiation scenario, ensuring that relations are preserved and enhanced into the future, and showing how to deal with the hard-nosed operators, should you be unfortunate enough to run across them while negotiating. Improve Your Written English Improve Your Written English is an ideal training course for those who wish to improve their spelling, grammar and writing style in the workplace. This Read Faster Read Smarter training course includes techniques for you to potentially double or triple your reading speed and increase your comprehension rate and is useful for business or study reading. Written communication skills play a huge part in the way organisations run and market themselves. As with all the management training tools we use, we don't "teach" MBTI as a subject in itself, but use it effectively to deliver the communication training our clients need.

This knowledge is then advanced to develop the skill to both adapt our own communication styles as well as create a greater appreciation of the styles of others, enabling the individuals and the team as a whole to be much more flexible, resourceful and successful in their communication. By enabling us to take a very deep look at the language we use, we can deconstruct the "meant" meanings, the "implied" meanings, and the wide range of potential meanings to help us refine and develop our communication skills.
Whether you are selling to, motivating, supporting, encouraging or even disciplining others, enhancing the range of your capabilities to do so will make you far more successful. This, when contrasted with challenges set when face-to-face communication is allowed, brings into stark relief the issues that need to be dealt with when teams are geographically split or non-office based. This Proofamatics communication training course is designed to help you increase the accuracy of your written communication by measurably improving your proofreading skills. These are designed to help you master the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in any situation. By giving teams the opportunity to undertake challenges and tasks, and then simply reviewing with them what went well and what didn't, it's (no longer, to us!) astonishing what comes out.
Our communication training courses provide you with the tools and the techniques required to become a more effective communicator for your organisation.We recognise that all organisations work differently, therefore we look to develop with you workable, realistic plans to improve communication and develop measurable objectives and goals for you and your organisation. This could be internally or externally, to the media, stakeholders or to improve your overall corporate communications skills. The Media Coach communications training workshops are highly praised by the FTSE 100 companies we work with.

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