Please select the option that correctly correlates with your estimate provided by our staff. One of the benefits of being a Corporate Partner with New England College of Business is access to low-cost, professional development training in a variety of subjects. We are looking for an experienced Audience Development Manager to build the organizationa€™s product marketing and audience development capacity. Is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual content, and to providing the full content of these wiki-based projects to the public free of charge.
Our satisfaction in realizing these trainings was even higher after reading participants’ evaluation feedback, in which we received top grades.
These programs are provided for the firma€™s employeesa€™ benefit as they continue to grow and succeed in their professional endeavors. Contact us at (775) 337-1600 for a free estimate for the correct pricing to fit your needs.

These trainings have been developed for teachers to learn about the use of Wikipedia in the classroom. Soltesz recently hosted a professional development training class for employees titled a€?Communicate Like a Proa€¦ Build Rapport, Relationships, Connect!a€? Soltesz employees representing each office attended the informative and valuable training seminar. The speaker, Arnold Sanow, MSP, CSP, is an organizational development and communication expert who works with companies and organizations to assist them in building stronger customer and workplace relationships. We believe that these trainings will help in reaching out to quality partner institutions and teachers for our Education Program. Teachers in Serbia are obligated to attend a certain number of professional development trainings each year.
Companies that partner with New England College of Business can enhance workforce retention and professional development opportunities. Soltesz released a revamped Computer Training Program in the fall of 2014 and introduced a new Professional Development & Training Program in early 2015.

Participants were teachers from primary and secondary schools from all over Serbia, so training was designed to address their specific needs and experiences. These half-day training seminars are provided on your site by one of our expert faculty or staff.
The atmosphere during the trainings was friendly and supportive and we all left the place with smiling faces. Following these successful seminars, the most important task is to support and engage participants to apply their new skills in their classrooms. We're looking for a Community Liaison who will engage communities in the software development process by acting as a conduit for questions and feature requests.

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