The vacuum bazooka is a classic demonstration, you attach a vacuum cleaner to the side of one end of a pipe, cover the end with a piece of card and then drop a projectile down the other end and a the projectile flies down the tube and out the other end. I got a bit carried away and worked out various ways of building repeating vacuum bazookas, because it sounded like fun (and because I could).
This provides you 6 rounds of flying foam in quick sucession with a ratchet system, so repeatedly pulling a piece of string will fire all six rounds one after another.
It is widely acknowledged that public and political support for the NATO alliance is flagging in many member countries. That said, I do not find his response especially satisfying.  True, it might be useful if NATO had a slogan. During the Cold War, NATO had a very strong narrative arc.  The conflict was with the Soviets, as Mr. Categories: Analysis, COMOPS Journal, Framing, Narrative, Politics, Sensemaking, Strategic Comm.
Why don’t we use a slogan summarizing the current startegic concept, like Active Engagement, Modern Defence as a slogan allowing all of us to explain why we do what we do the way we do it? In a new book, experts in history and strategic communication consider options for repairing the narrative of the Afghanistan war ahead of the planned 2014 withdrawal of forces.

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I and many of my colleagues believe this is because NATO’s narrative has been slowly disintegrating.
All these 28 countries are here every single day and discussing and debating all sorts of issues. Also numerous terrorist incidents in Europe in the 70s and 80s were never met with a NATO response.  There is even disagreement, especially in Europe, about whether terrorism should treated as a matter of war (as opposed to crime). Once this is done, it should be scrupulous about maintaining narrative coherence by lending its name only to those actions that are squarely consistent with resolving the desire. As it happened, my colleagues and I had recently been discussing the issue of NATO’s narrative. With the Cold War some twenty years in the past, its original motivating conflict is fading from memory.
She is never without her well-vacuumed perspective on life and quirky solutions to problems. And the Germans are, of course, strong and vibrant members of this Alliance and of Europe and of the world, without there being anything negative, only positive things about that.

Known as Hurricane Claudia, her constant motion and tireless positivity make her a matriarch on a mission. And that’s a priceless thing because there are times when you need that capability as an international community. Kim (author and daughter) despises the vacuum and sees the world with less pragmatism than her mother. Building trust and confidence and inter-operability in the broadest political sense as well as technical sense with partners around the globe. Now in her forties, she finds her mothera€™s approach to life truly affecting, and understands that ita€™s the basis of her own character and the ways she copes with lifea€™s triumphs and tragedies. When tragedy strikesa€”not once, but twicea€”they find their kinship moving beyond the ordinary and into an unlikely partnership.

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