The Communications Doctor is an industry leader in delivering high-quality, career-changing communications, leadership and management training.
With humor, warmth and a straight-forward style, communications expert, Susanne Gaddis, PhD, CSP and CEO of The Communications Doctor delivers the strategies, insights and time-tested solutions that help organizations create HEALTHY, HAPPY, work environments, POSITIVE, ENGAGED leaders, CREATIVE and PRODUCTIVE teams, and EMPOWERED, forward GROWTH, and SUCCESS! Susanne Gaddis, PhD, Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), and CEO of The Communications Doctor, is a keynote speaker, communications trainer, workshop leader, executive coach, and presentation skills trainer, specializing in improving organizational and interpersonal communication. I've hired Jessica to consult for me on strategic planning, social media training and general guidance on marketing to the event industry.

Thanks to the power of Facebook memories I was reminded of an event that took place five years ago today.
Jessica Levin, MBA, CMP, CAE  has been named one of New Jersey’s 2016 Best 50 Women in Business. Offerings include training, keynote presentations and executive coaching in: communication, healthcare communication, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult people, listening skills, presentation skills, public speaking skills, leadership training, change management, customer service, stress reduction and positive psychology.
Whether you need to get management buy-in, train your employees or help your association members understand how to use the technology available to them, we produce customized videos for every budget.

Levin on Being Named One of NJ’s Best Marketing & Communication Professionals Under 40. We can also develop a learning curriculum to assist your organization in their journey to better understand social media and technology.

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