Hull College is located on three sites around Hull city centre with an additional site in Goole, all sites have their own library linked to a Heritage catalogue.
Angie Clark, installed Heritage at Hull College after Bookshelf was taken over by Specialist Computer Group in 1994, as she was forced to choose between Bookshelf, her system at that time, and Genesis, from Specialist Computer Group. Angie initially wrote a specification outlining all the features she wanted from a library management system, then sent it out to a number of prospective suppliers. In our experience, it is essential to involve colleagues in the initial stages of a purchase decision, so that the responsibility for the choice is shared and others feel like their opinions have been taken into consideration. Angie and her staff were very impressed, not only with the functionality offered by Heritage but also with how it worked, and decided that it was the right solution for Hull College.
Angie has since moved on from Hull College and is now the librarian at North & North East Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust. Heritage continues to be developed, extending its functionality whilst retaining its ease of use. It's not exactly a feature but my favourite thing about Heritage is how intuitive it is. Have you linked Heritage to any other systems in your institution, such as Moodle, Sharepoint, Aquabrowser, MyPC, Txtools, Screenreader software, a management information system or similar?
We have linked Heritage with MyPC so students with overdue books are reminded to renew them. The support website is very useful - it is easy to download new updates and find useful helpsheets. Hull College run Heritage a 250 user licence Heritage Online , Self-service, Acquisitions, Fines, Advanced Bookings and the Reader Import Module. The course will give you the knowledge, understanding and skills to programme computers, design websites, develop computer games and design software. This is an exciting and challenging Level 3 course which is equivalent to A Level grades A-C. The course is delivered on site in a bright, modern and new environment, it is course work based with a number of vocational opportunities.

Successful completion of the course provides up to 480 UCAS points and can lead to university entry in a wide range of areas including digital media and games design or can lead onto employment or apprenticeship routes.
Mr Sainter & Mrs Lakes visit to Nashville Tennessee – Update from the travellers! The children wrote the code in a programming language called Python, using a framework called the Pygame framework.
During the course of the day, the children also got to look around the University, taking in some of the work that takes place in the Department of Computer Science. We also got to try out the Occulus Rift 3D virtual reality headsets which the university are using to develop simulations for offshore wind farms as well as the new Google Glassses which allow you to see information from the Internet directly in front of your eyes.
At the end of a brilliant but exhausting day, the children were filmed by a technology camera crew that had been commissioned for SKY TV and the judges came around to judge our work.
Bookshelf, the predecessor to Heritage, was originally written by the same team that have continued to develop Heritage over the years. They were also very happy with the level of service provided by IS Oxford, an opinion they still hold today. As soon as she moved to her new position she purchased Heritage to replace their existing system (for more details please see Heritage in Medical Libraries).
IS Oxford are constantly updating the website with helpsheets, frequently asked questions, upgrades and patches which can also be downloaded as required. Close contact with customers is vital to this process and IS Oxford welcome any suggestions made by customers regarding design or functionality improvements.
New staff seem to pick it up very quickly compared to other library systems I have worked with and all my staff are positive about the way it looks and feels.
We are hoping to have another try at linking Moodle and heritage soon, as we upgraded both systems over the summer. We always get a speedy response if we identify a job as urgent and once staff are assigned a query they stick with it until they are sure you have received a satisfactory answer. You can also use it to check progress on cases you have logged and leave messages for staff handling these cases.

What makes this course different is the additition of the Subsidary Diploma in Art and Design which allows you to develop your graphics skills to produce high quality programmes, websites and games. The competition was called the Three Game Thing and the children had to make a computer game from three things that they were given. The Wawne children were the youngest there and competed against children from secondary schools from Hull and East Riding. This included a tour of the Hull Immersive Visualisation Environment (HIVE) where they got to see some of the products that the University had developed such as a 3D training system that was in use in UK hospitals where doctors are trained how to use radiation with cancer sufferers and a head track stereo which allows 3D positioning in films (similar to those used in the making of Lord of the Rings. A large support team including a technical author ensure that all Heritage documentation is up-to-date and available to all users via the website in future. Heritage development will always been customer-driven, as IS staff realise that this is what has made it the system it is today. It is also extremely reliable and we rarely have major problem that affect the operation of our service. They operate the Moodle VLE and have written a very interesting case study on their use of e-resources.
One of the teams from Wawne (#Ultimate) created an invasion game using Grandad and Voldemort and the other team (Programming Pythons) created an invasion game with Jellies and Dobby!
Fingers crossed for the results – will either Grandad vs Voldemore or Jellies and Dobby be the winner? It has a well organised user group who support each other and IS Oxford are always very responsive to their users' needs.

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