The course is designed for the layman to be easy to follow and the starting point to acquire the basic skills in using a computer or laptop. Learn in a non-threatening environment conducted by friendly, patient and experience trainers. For government ministries on HRMS-2 or ACE portals inform your Training Coordinator of our Course Code and Course Date. To register, select your preferred date and then click the REGISTER button at the bottom of this list. If none of our published course date is suitable for you or your staff, contact us at 6423-1183 and let us know when you need this course to be conducted and if it is possible we will do our best to make it happen! If you require this course to be customised to better suit the training needs of your staff or to have this course conducted on a date not stated in our training calendar, contact us (Call us at 6423-1183) for a no obligation discussion. Can't attend this course during office hours, contact us at 6423-1183 for possible evening or Saturday class arrangements.
CIE Bookstore is where you will find a wide selection of self-paced courses covering PC Repair, Electronics, Computer Networking, A+ Technology, Photovoltaic Systems, PLCs & more! Our distance learning certificate programs are great for keeping your resume current with the latest technology, updating your troubleshooting skills or simply studying a new area of interest.
Our basic electronics course with hands-on training lab allows you to learn electronics troubleshooting at home with real world experiments and online exams.

Learn to install, manage and troubleshoot electronic health records systems for healthcare providers. Retail Selling is tough - and with internet competition, broad product discounting and changing consumer buying patterns, it isn't getting any easier. The key to increasing your store's sales revenues and profits is to maximize the potential skills of your sales associates. The ability to sell more - through higher average sales, multiple sales, accessories or services can easily double your revenues. Retail business conditions change continuously, and it takes a great sales associate to stay on top. Utilize cross-selling to bring extra value to the customer and how to apply different cross-selling techniques. Advanced Retail Selling - a full day sales training course that will give your employees the skills and ideas to improve your sales results, with additional training on goal setting, sales incentives and sales measurement methods. And with every RMI training course, we can integrate your retail business' sales policies and procedures into our course material to provide your employees with a comprehensive training that emphasizes new sales skills as well as your standard business sales practices. This 2-day hands-on practical based course is a must for anyone who has little to zero knowledge in using a computer.
It will equip you to handle basic operations of a computer and the usage of applications used in everyday work at the office or leisurely at home.

Call us at 6423-1183 and speak to any of your representatives and we would be work out an arrangement for you. This certificate course includes a tool kit, study guide, text book and instructor support.
Why are connections for electrical wiring done with crimp connectors and wire nuts instead of being soldered? Provide them with the tools and training that will allow them to anticipate and recognize these changing sales conditions. The cost of training can often be regained in the first day following the completion of the course. Rocky Mountain Improve's Maximizing Retail Sales training courses are designed to help them get these results.
I know there are different kinds, like high-pass and low-pass, and that they pass some frequencies and not others. The list below is only a few of the factors that can affect daily retail business activities.

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