This is important to get a rule for daylight saving changes if you schedule recurring events.Prevent Updates through OutlookConfigure whether you want to prevent users from creating or modifying events when the SharePoint calendar is connected to Outlook.
You can also configure an alternative URL if this SharePoint site can be accessed by external users. All URLs to this SharePoint site will be replaced in the e-mail body with this value.Employee Training Management settingsTo access the Employee Training Management settings you must first go to the scheduled events’ list settings. The e-mail subject and the URL to the feedback form can also be configured, see the section’s description (screenshot).

We do not remove the permission inheritance on an item level.In the enrollment and feedback lists users are only allowed to read and edit items that they created themselves. If you need content approval you can, however, enable this in the list’s versioning settings.
This means that items are only visible to the author and users with ManageLists permissions until they are approved.If content approval is configured the approver has to approve the item after every update to make changes visible to all users. This can lead to inconsistencies in the Scheduled Trainings list, as updates will be sent to attendees immediately.

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