Conflict management training enables individuals and businesses to handle workplace conflict and disputes.
Specialist tips, advice offers, dates and events from the best of the best maritime, medical and security training experts. Do you have a question about PGI, our unique methodology or our courses we haven’t answered on this page? Type your question with your name and email, hit submit and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours and sometimes sooner. I’m very pleased to have chosen this course, and training provider, I would highly recommend it for anyone thinking of gaining some academic qualifications, and moving into either management or consultancy roles within the security industry.
Facilitation skills are required in a variety of settings - to run meetings especially if conflict is expected, facilitate a workshop, or resolve a dispute with a large number of players so it has a number of applications. Whether you are married, looking to begin a relationship or well established, this course is for you.
Mediation'I found Barbaraa€™s calm manner and insight enabled me to calm down and look at the matter in a fresh way so that a difficult situation which had been festering for months in the workplace was sorted out fairly easily. Training'Barbara fit the material together progressively and ensured that her students understood every step of the progressive learning ladder.' - Sabine Baer, Cairns'Barbara was extremely informative. Based on TKI Research Studies: Which Conflict Mode Is Used Most Frequently (Whether in a Group or in an Entire Country)? Why Does the TKI Interpretation Focus on High, Medium, and Low Percentiles and Not Raw Scores? See this Dedicated TKI Page, which provides several free online resources, TKI blogs, and engaging articles! By learning all about the TKI Conflict Model directly from the author himself, you can rest assured that you'll be using the TKI assessment accurately—and to its full potential.

This online course comes with a 30-page downloadable manual that includes an image of every presentation slide, Dr. When you complete the purchasing process, you'll have instant access to this recorded online course for 90 days. TestimonialsDave Mechan“Just a quick note to say how informative and interesting the course was and the issues it raised within our department. The course raises participants’ understanding of the background to conflict and the contribution they can make to either calming or escalating a confrontation. During the training day participants learn and practise key skills to build their confidence and to maintain composure whilst de-escalating customer conflict. If you would like more information about our Conflict Management Training or would like to discuss how this course can be tailored to your needs, please contact us by calling 0845 6585678 or using the enquiry form on the contact page. It is pertinent to any individual or organisation looking to further enhance their understanding of how conflict can be utilised for positive outcomes and productivity. There are a number of benefits for businesses in entering employees for this qualification, one of which is improved customer service levels. We also offer Mediation Skills Training, Facilitation Skills Training, Team Building Workshops, Self-esteem and Assertiveness Training and Enriching Relationships courses. It is for couples who are going well and want to enrich or improve their relationships and also for those where it is not working well and they want to improve it.
I gained new knowledge and ideas and it was very relevant to the career I wish to pursue.' - Ian Brown, electrical contractor. Ralph Kilmann's crystal-clear voice explain the underlying dimensions of conflict management: assertiveness and cooperativeness. Kilmann explain three additional dimensions on the TKI Conflict Model: the distributive, the integrative, and the protective dimensions.

Kilmann provides his detailed—and insightful—interpretion of six very different TKI Profiles, which is one of the best ways to learn how to accurately interpret your own as well as other people's TKI results. However, we do not offer a "certificate of achievement" for BASIC Training in Conflict Management (as we do for some of our separate courses and our course collections). All who attended were impressed, especially Mark who, as our Health and Safety Manager came away with lots of new objectives and ideas.
Barbara helped us identify our negative patterns of interaction and, amazingly, we have had a breakthrough.
It also saved us thousands of dollars that we would have paid if wea€™d gone through court and it didna€™t drag on.' Investor.
These dimensions define the TKI's five conflict-handling modes: competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and accommodating. These extra dimensions provide greater depth and deeper insight into a person's TKI Profile. His analysis of these six TKI Profiles also offers action recommendations on how these individuals can improve their conflict-handling behavior.
The cost is based on the number of participants, their specific requirements, the duration of the course and the location and resources required.

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