Conflict resolution consists of methods and processes implemented to facilitate the peaceful ending of conflict.
TBAE’s Conflict Resolution Course offers participants tools and methods for the effective resolution of conflict disputes of any size. The Confliction Resolution Course will teach participants how to create an effective atmosphere through neutralizing emotions and setting ground rules.
Conflict left unchecked can be the cause of much damage in a team or organization no matter the size. Conflict can be symptomatic of many things - from boredom and underachievement to overload, badly managed change or negatively conflicting agendas, needs and beliefs. Progressive organisations are now looking to develop an early in-house capability for addressing the breakdown of working relationships.

Setting up Conflict Awareness and Resolution training is easy with MCRG bespoke training design to match your culture, approach and needs. For more information about how DISC assessments are used to enhance our seminars on conflict resolution, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website.
Participants will learn how to get to the root cause of the conflict; examining the root causes, creating a cause and effect diagram, the importance of forgiveness and identifying the benefits of resolution. Where conflicts are not dealt with early on then they will damage productivity and drain Manager, HR and financial resources.
Team members are able to reduce conflict within a team by sharing their motives and reasons for holding certain beliefs. Crucial conflict management skills will be taught including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame.

They will be taught to build a solution by creating criteria, creating a shortlist, choosing a solution and building a plan. In the workplace, conflict often leads to frustration and loss of efficiency, endorsing the importance for effective conflict resolution strategies within the workplace.

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