Construction Simulator 2015 est une construction de simulateur, permettant au joueur de la construction de batiments divers et les structures de votre premiere etape du travail liee a la position des fondations ou la preparation des terres pour la construction, avant les derniers elements necessaires pour terminer l’objet .
Le joueur a la possibilite de jouer eventuellement 100 mission, au cours de laquelle fait face le devoir de creer 15 proprietes differentes, tels que les immeubles d’habitation, des supermarches, agricoles et industriels.
Apres avoir telecharge le programme d’installation, executez-le et suivez les instructions. Please fill in this form to register you interest in Hamton's current projects and receive the Hamton newsletter. There are a limited number of 2 bedroom apartments available from $735,000 – $885,000. At 182 feet tall, Spaceship Earth stands as one of Disney Imagineering’s most iconic structures ever built. Disney designers originally planned Spaceship Earth as a geodesic dome – but after significant research, the project was expanded to a geosphere. In order to avoid excessive stress in the sphere, the three main structures were engineered separate from each other.
Sphere structure, ride and show structure, and utility structure as seen through the north-south section of the sphere. Throughout the construction process, both shop fab and field erection inspections were required – with a large emphasis on nondestructive testing. When the aluminum exterior panels were installed, erection was started from the roof and worked down.

During the construction process, up to 20 technicians were involved with the inspection process, and as many as six of those were conducting field inspections. Once the metal structure of the sphere was completed, 9 ft panels of galvanized sheet metal covered with neoprene rubber were fitted into the open space.
On June 1, 1982, 20 months after the start of fabrication, the exterior lights of Spaceship Earth were turned on for the first time.
Today Spaceship Earth stands as one of the most iconic theme park attractions in the world. Ce titre est la prochaine edition apprecie par les fans dans les simulateurs de la serie dont la creation et la liberation a eu encore une fois la societe allemande astragon logiciels. And at the time of its construction, it was just seven feet shy of being the tallest attraction at Walt Disney World. Building a sphere brought with it some engineering challenges – specifically because the entire structure would have to be raised 20 feet off the pavement below. These included: 1) the sphere structure, 2) the ride and show structure and 3) the utility structure. And although Spaceship Earth is unique in design and construction, the project did not involve unusual welding processes. Disney Imagineering contracted the Atlanta-based LAW Engineering Testing Company to act as a consultant during materials testing. These sheets were then sealed with a rubberized material, before the outer later of polished aluminum was put into place.

Epcot draws in roughly 11 million visitors a year – and each of them have stared in wonder at the geosphere, never knowing the work and the welding that went into building it.
Les auteurs ont tente de se approcher de la cooperation avec les inventeurs de renom de materiel de construction – la creation de marques bien connues des amateurs sont tels que Liebherr, Man et Still.
Tous les vehicules dans l’ensemble du jeu sont autorises et leurs vrais sons ont ete enregistres adaptes pour cette production. The sphere is constructed from steel wide-flange struts of A572 Grade 50 steel in three sizes. The techniques used for welding pieces of the giant geosphere were similar to those used in standard construction projects.
In the field, however, shielded metal arc welding was used because of the fixed position welding required and the fact that there were so many welders skilled in that process at the time.
The ride itself is a spiraling floor unit consisting of concrete slabs on metal decks, all supported by steel beams and shop-welded plate girders. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation for the design of the attraction’s support hub weldments. And in 1982, the sphere was honored as one of the top engineering projects of the year by the National Society of Professional Engineers.

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