Certification in Real Estate Construction Project Management requires successful completion of six required courses and two elective courses for a total special package cost of $2,844. Students will gain both onsite and in classroom instruction on managing a construction project from inception to completion.
Certificates can be purchased as a whole up-front for a discounted fee or pay-as-you-go for each course individually. All programs provided by Back to Basics Business Training Pty Ltd – Registered Training Organisation No. Landscape Management Certificate - Impress clients with the credential that confirms and advertises your expertise! Landscape Management II Certificate - Go a step beyond lawn care and maintenance with the Rutgers Landscape Management II Certificate. Public Grounds Management Certificate - Stand out from your colleagues and build your resume!
Natural Turf and Landscape Management Certificate - Customers increasingly want a greener option, and now you can help supply it! Landscape Program Coordinator Joe Canzano discusses the importance of continuing education for landscape industry professionals on Landscape Live Talk Radio.
Learn what it takes to successfully install concrete pavers with these tips and guidelines from instructor Alex Burke, including proper base prep and calculating paver installation costs. Check out our video gallery to get a taste of our classes, as well as tips and best practices from our expert instructors on subjects such as tree care and turf management.
Learn how instructors motivate park personnel to keep facilities safe and avoid potential problems in Park Management and Liability Issues, a one-day course that will be held on February 24, 2015.

Meet Evangeline Costa, a landscape design and consulting company owner whose business improved after she attended a Landscape Business course at Rutgers. Watch a video report or read a story about Large Tree Climbing Instructor Mark Chisholm, 19-time winner of the NJ Tree Climbing Championship. Copyright ©2016, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. They will develop an understanding of the complex yet important aspects of the construction business; including laws, codes and design, and sustainability issues.
Scheduling times, course descriptions, pricing and course information can be viewed by clicking any of the links below. To view more information about each course including scheduling and instructor information or to purchase an individual course - click the course title below and you will be directed to the proper page on the Baruch CAPS website. There are dedicated project purchasing and procurement systems that are used across the construction industry.
This program covers the core skills that true landscape professionals and enthusiasts should master. This program teaches management, construction, and maintenance skills that are vital to a successful career in public grounds management.
As part of the Environmental Stewardship Initiative, the NJDEP will issue this certification to landscape and turf professionals. You will be redirected to the proper page of the Baruch Continuing and Professional Studies website. These are directly linked to the effective management and administration of the construction contract for each project.A Project Manager should be able to identify common construction contracts and how the contents of these contracts determines the responsibilities and liabilities that are borne out of these conditions.

The impact of cash flow on a construction project and how this can be effectively managed using an appropriate contract management and purchasing system.
If things go wrong the Project Manager must move quickly to resolve disputes within the confines of the contract. Can the contract management and procurement management programs be integrated with new technology and used in an online or web based environment? Today’s technology presents many opportunities for project efficiencies to be implemented and the Project Manager should be keeping abreast in changes to this environment.
The day to day management of a successful construction project are impacted by the timely and cost effective procurement of labour and materials. So both are linked together and need to be planned and managed in accordance with each other.On larger projects it is not uncommon for a Contract Manager to be appointed to ensure that these activities are given specific attention. The Project Manager must decide the size and scope of the tasks in relation to the project and determine the weight given to this individual role. Without effective purchasing and contract management a construction project can very quickly begin to fall behind in time and budget.

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