Utilizing a proven Program Management methodology enhances design development, ensures timely responses to construction issues and risks, and defines appropriate scope controls using logical and resource-driven components.
Adherence to this Program Management methodology creates an effective communication mechanism for all resources involved in project delivery and provides a "blueprint" for streamlining the overall construction effort. Value Delivered - NCS excels at aligning construction programs with Owner objectives and maintains a strong focus on identifying measurable value.
Program Success - Our comprehensive Program Management approach underscores our commitment to design and deliver a construction program which exceeds the Owner's expectations. Execution and Risk Management - Construction programs of significant size and complexity have inherent risks. Teaming - Our approach to cross-project coordination and teaming allows the Owner to maintain focus on its primary objectives and organizational mission with the assurance that NCS will coordinate and manage the efforts of all project participants to achieve the Owner's goals.

Eastern Kentucky University will offer a 100 percent online master’s degree in construction management for fall 2014. The program, designed to serve current industry professionals, can be completed in as little as 18 months and is unique in that it offers an avenue of advancement for individuals from across the industry spectrum. EKU Online students will take the same courses and earn the same degree as on-campus students. EKU has given students the opportunity to earn fully SACS accredited online degrees since 2006. Consistently recognized for housing some of the nation’s best online degree programs, EKU strives to make quality education accessible to everyone.
Program Management Program Management often requires a higher level perspective, managing portfolios and construction teams in rigorous coordination to achieve efficiencies across multiple portfolios of projects.

The Owner can be confident that NCS will provide the required leadership capabilities and veteran experience necessary to address program risks and manage unexpected challenges. EKU is an accredited, brick-and-mortar institution celebrating more than 100 years of student success. Dennis Field looks forward to helping a larger, more diverse group of students reach their full potential through the new online program. EKU Online offers more than 25 undergraduate and graduate degree options in a variety of fields, representing Arts and Sciences, Education, Justice and Safety, and Health Sciences.

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